A new beginning.


How quickly things can change! We’ve really been struggling financially for quite a while now. So, a few weeks ago I added myself to the prayer list at church for a job to come my way. I had applied at fast food joints, but no one wants the hours that I can work (while Beanster is in daycare). It’s not a lot of hours, but I thought for sure that companies would be looking for part-time employees now. Well, it wasn’t any time that the ball started rolling and now I have a part-time job doing what I’m suited for during the exact hours that Beanster is in daycare!

I’m allowed to bring him with me to my other job, so that was the plus.

The other plus is that I had received a gift card for Christmas and I was able to get a few things to supplement my wardrobe. I was able to put together several great outfits. You know, watching “What Not To Wear” kind of inspires me to not dress according to my lethargy. 🙂 So, I feel complete in my wardrobe. I had purchased a pair of shoes (on sale) that would be perfect for church and work, but I have not yet gotten to wear them, because, if you’ve been watching the weather, the Gulf Coast is getting drenched. Well over 7 inches for this month alone! So, the rubber boots were a fantastic Valentine’s present! I wore a pair to work today, as a matter of fact!

Seriously, though, I have only purchased 1 dress, 2 shirts, 2 sleeveless sweaters (one on sale, one from a thrift store for $3), 1 pair of capris (on clearance), 1 pair of pants (on sale 65% off), one pair of shoes (also 65% off), and 5 scarves (2 on the gift card and 3 for $1.99 at a thrift store). Between what I had and what I purchased, I’m set (as long as I don’t gain any more weight!!!)


And with all this rain, we’ve been doing some worksheets on thunder and lightning! We’ve been studying the lightning at night and counting the seconds until the thunder rumbles. Beanster keeps saying, “I wanny see the thunder!” I keep telling him you can’t see it, but no matter what I say, he doesn’t believe me.

One day in between storms when there was no thunder, we headed out into the driveway, which becomes a lake after the amount of rain we’ve had, and let him stomp around in his mud boots (another awesome purchase from a thrift store for $3.99 (no tax)).


Beanster jumping over a puddle.
Beanster jumping over a puddle.
A great shot of Beanster and his reflection.
A great shot of Beanster and his reflection.

I’m going to try and explain the water cycle. I’m sure that the handout and making large sweeping circles with my arms while saying, “The water goes around and around” (in the water cycle) just might get the point across.

A friend of mine did a project with a water bottle (label removed), 1/2 full of blue water, 1/2 full of oil (canola or whatever). She had done the story of Jesus calming the storm. I think the kids really enjoyed that project. I may have to try that with Beanster. I tell you, if it involves water, he loves it: washing hands, brushing teeth, watering plants, getting a shower….

Well, the weather is picking up again and the wind is getting stronger, so I”m going to cut this short. Forgive me for the typos that may be in here. Have a great evening everyone! Peace and love.



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