Field Trip #2

I know this is a couple of weeks late, but here goes…


A couple of weeks ago we all got together and headed out to a train museum that is not too far from the house. (With gas prices jumping by the day, we’re looking for closer venues!) Anywho, this train museum has a huge setup (most of which was donated) and they also have a real train outside for people to get in and check out. This group runs on donations, though the city had received a grant to build the initial building. The guys who run the train sets have the best time!

All three boys were in total rapture!
All three boys were in total rapture!

There is even a Thomas train that they put out sometimes, but there was so much to look at that the boys just kept checking it all out.







Needless to say, they had a great time and everyone was completely worn out when it was all over.


The one thing that I am trying to do before each trip is find activities that I can print out and take with us. I was going to find something for that trip, but it was a short one, so I didn’t get anything done.

However, we were supposed to have another field trip today, but everyone’s plans just fell apart. Beanster and I took our own little field trip/grocery trip. There is a local farm that has fresh produce every season. It’s not a big farm by any stretch, but they have a huge blueberry field. I have no idea how many bushes there are, but we got fresh berries last year and they were so tasty! You just take a bucket and go pick ’em! Their other specialty is fresh eggs. We called ahead, because there has been such a demand that they are often completely out of eggs! Not today! We went ahead and bought two dozen. (Beanster won’t eat store-bought eggs anymore, so since he’s boycotting eggs, I’m hoping these will bring him around!)


The other thing we get to do is feed the chickens. It’s great fun for somebody I know.



We also picked up a couple jars of jelly, a jar of raw honey, and a little bag of pecan brittle! We went into the local town and picked up some of the best bacon at a little bitty grocery store with a phenomenal meat market! I’ve been out of this bacon for a couple of months and I was really missing it. I am going to make a spinach quiche before too long with the eggs, bacon, and some baby spinach I can pick up at work. Okay, my stomach is growling….


It turned out to be a great morning. Maybe we’ll do another field trip before too long with our friends again. I do have printouts this time! (Do you know how hard it is to find activity and coloring sheets for toddlers sometimes? Finally found what I was looking for, though!)

I hope everyone has a great evening. Stay safe, warm, dry, or whatever you need for the weather this is or has come your way! Peace and love, everyone!



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