More homeschooling adventures!


We’ve been trying new techniques for Beanster. He really enjoyed racing cars over scotch tape on the floor, he’s enjoyed making instruments, and we’ve found that Dora the Explorer and Team Umizoomi have been the best shows for him to really get into and respond to. I’m excited by his progress and enthusiasm (as much as a 2.5 year old with a 2.5 second attention span can have).

We’re still trying more hands on things. This morning we tried the seed in a jar project.


I found some printouts on this exact experiment and I think he will have fun coloring and matching the picture to the seed’s progress! I hope….

Another thing we’ve been doing is playing more games. Today, I tried to play “Yahtzee” with him. Basically, I bought a 5 pack of dice at WalMart yesterday. I printed out a sheet I found somewhere and put tick marks in the 1-6 spaces for every roll we made. I was attempting to get him to match and count all in one game. He had more fun shaking the dice up in a cup than he did anything else. I would ask him if anything matched or not and he would randomly throw out a “yes” or “no”. So, we’ll try it again.

He also has been enjoying the Connect Four game. We found one at a local thrift store a while back for $1.50. You can’t beat that! I put the thing together and he loves dropping them all down in there. Yesterday, we actually split the chips and he put in one color and I put in the other. Even when they were all mixed together in a pile, he continued to grab the color he had started out with. He even gets a couple of little cups and sorts them out by color, sometimes he just fills them each up halfway, and sometimes he puts them all back in the plastic grid. At times today, he was filling up his mud boots, too! I had to shake them out to make sure they all got put back in the box. I am also trying to get him to count and match. I know he knows a bunch of numbers, he just doesn’t come out and say them.


Today he was playing with his little 6 pack of tractors that he got for Christmas. Someone counted up to six for him and he continued on with “7, 8, 9, 10…”. He knows his numbers, he just won’t focus and apply it to what he is currently working on.


Well, have a great weekend, everyone. Peace and love!

IMG_6895 - Version 6


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