eBook Review: God’s Word in My Heart


The Purposeful Mom has created an excellent new resource for homeschooling and family devotionals. This wonderful ebook is on sale for $1.99 today only (February 14th). Tomorrow it will go up to $3.99. I would encourage everyone to look into this excellent resource. Check out the link below!


As a pre-homeschooler, I am always looking for ways to increase my son’s scope of learning. Sometimes you can become so bogged down searching through resources that you can get flustered. At other times, you can find something wonderful and it is posted in about 50 different pieces. That is one great thing about “God’s Word in My Heart”: it is an alphabet full of Scriptures, laid out succinctly. The book also comes with some instructions and ideas on how to use it.

Other resources are included, such as songs (with links), puzzles, and coloring pages.

The great thing is that all ages can make perfect use of this book. Everyone can always profit from the memorization of Scripture, because all Scripture is useful! As she mentions in the ebook, Paul encouraged Timothy and promoted the idea to parents through the ages that the home is one of the best places to teach Scripture, encourage memorization, and apply it to daily life!


Just for an example of how we have begun applying this book in our homeschool/devotional time, my Beanster is on the letter “P” and the verse in the ebook is Psalms 147:1, “Praise the Lord.” (There are longer versions for older children.) It’s great for someone who is only 2.5 years old to memorize three words. As he learns new words and tries to incorporate them into everyday conversation, it’s fun to see him strive to get the words right.


To help illustrate, we had read a portion of his children’s Bible about when Jesus had healed the blind man by putting mud on his eyes. Every little boy enjoys mud, so it was a great place to start. I explained in simple terms how the blind man had been so excited to see that he had praised Jesus by saying thank you. I told him that saying “thank you”, like we do at the blessing, is praising God.


To further illustrate, I made a couple of “instruments” out of simple household items. I’m sure some of you have made these in the past. The first one was a shaker, made out of a plastic easter egg, about 1/8 cup of dry rice, and lots of tape to keep little hands from opening it! 🙂

The second “instrument” was a “tambourine”. I stapled it all the way around, except for a little opening to pour in about 1/8 cup of dry black beans. Then I stapled it shut. I pulled off a lot of masking tape to cover the edges so that little hands wouldn’t get a staple caught in them.


He got his guitar and we had so much fun playing our music and saying, “Thank You, God” and “Thank You, Jesus”.


I am very excited to find such a wonderful ebook that lays everything out for you and takes some of the pressure off of searching through resource after resource. I know we are going to have fun as a family learning new verses and having fun memorizing them!

Have a great evening, everyone! Peace and love.
P.S. – forgive me if the blog is oversimplified tonight. I’ve been having trouble getting my internet to work this evening!



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