Chinese delight!


I mentioned recently that I had made some Chicken Lo Mein and that it was excellent! Yes. The other day I made Beef Lo Mein:


Obviously, it was a huge hit! My wok, however, has seen better days…

Tonight I went for Cashew Chicken. Here’s a link to the recipe I used:

It sure doesn’t make much. I used double the cashews, added a stalk of broccoli florets (fresh), and made some rice. Still didn’t go too far, but it sure was great!


For Super Bowl night (not that any of my teams made it to the big game), we splurged and had Velveeta and Rotel queso with multigrain Tostitos scoops and I made a cake that was Dark Chocolate (YUM!!), to which I added leftover coffee instead of water to the mix….yeah. I also found out that there is a ready-made Dark Chocolate icing! I had to get that, also. I tore up the rest of the marshmallows and put them in the cake (mainly to get them out of the house). The funny thing is, now that I say that, they must have dissolved, because I haven’t seen a single one…


This cake was going to be a lot cuter, but I didn’t read on the tube of icing that you’re supposed to use the tips that are their brand….so, I had icing everywhere, because I didn’t realize icing tips are NOT universal. You know, the cake tasted just fine. And it was cool to have a football-themed dessert!

Beanster had a good time eating a vanilla wafer with some dark chocolate icing on it…


It’s been a great week of food. Later, I’m going to make Pepper Steak. I am looking forward to it! I’ve had this craving for Chinese food, because we used to eat it a lot, but we moved across town from our favorite place and it’s too far to drive. Cooking at home is so much cheaper! I must confess that the Lo Meins are probably going to be my favorites for the simple reason of cost effectiveness. Pasta makes things go so much further. Rice will definitely be in the mix if I make Cashew Chicken again.

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far! Peace and love, everyone!


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