Homeschool fun and games!


We have been so busy this week, even though I’m only working 2 days now. Where does the time go?

The other day while Beanster was at daycare and I was at home, I got a TON of things accomplished. I tackled problems that have been plaguing me for quite some time. I love drawers, but not when everything gets piled into the same drawer. You are always digging to the bottom to find what you need! It’s like keys in a purse…

Well, I figured this out by accident. I was taking a bunch of coats off the closet door in the office to move the hanger elsewhere. Underneath it was the shoe bag that I had previously stored Beanster’s summer outfits in. It was such a great help! Well, I had just been digging through the homeschool craft box when it dawned on me — use the shoe bag to organize! Yes! It is fantastic! You can see what you need, the Beanster-proofness of it is excellent, and each item has its own pocket! Now, I’m looking for another one for summer clothes again.


Every single pocket is full now. I did leave small things in the ziploc bags they were in, then just put the bag in a pocket. It has been a life saver. I absolutely adore vertical storage!

The next thing I made was a homemade flannel board. I got a sheet of foam board at the Dollar Tree for $1 (of course). I bought 1 yard of flannel/fleece at WalMart for a little over $3. A few months ago I had the fabric coming down on the car, so I had bought some spray to fix that. It works like a dream. I went outside, sprayed down my board and VERY carefully laid my flannel over it. Once it touches, there is no going back. It’s a little crooked, but it was raining and I’m just lucky I got it completely on there! I ended up wrapping the edges around, but a better idea may have been to just trim the edges. I think I am going to get a piece of green next time I go to the store for the other side. I will be trimming that one and I will do it on a day when there’s not a raging storm outside!

Homemade flannel board.
Homemade flannel board.

When Beanster got home that afternoon, he had a great time playing with it. I have paper cut outs and I had adhered some self-stick velcro on the back. Just as a note, get something bigger than the smallest velcro circles. It was a great deal, but they don’t hold very well. I do have plans to make felt cutouts. I’m pretty excited about it!


The other thing we did this week was for the letter “O”. We made a red solo cup (yes, I think of the song, too) into an octopus. To help Beanster with his decision-making skills, I let him pick all the legs. Of course, he picked the sparkly pipe cleaners. We dug out the two biggest googly eyes we could find.

I got out the hole punch and put the 8 holes in it, then let Beanster poke the pipe cleaners through. I twisted them and then we glued on googly eyes. It turned out pretty cute!



Well, it had two eyes when we made it. It looks more like a squid or a monster now, but it was an octopus when we started.

Since this week is Football week (Super Bowl!!!!) I decided to find some worksheets for it. and Currclick both have some excellent resources. I also plan on making a football cake this afternoon for the event. I’ll post that in my next recipe blog.

Have a great weekend. Peace and love.



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