Valentine’s Crafts

I apologize. I’ve been sick again and trying to catch a few things up. Time has completely gotten free of my grasp nearly every single day. Today, however, I am determined to get this done! Here goes…


Well, as everyone in the breathing world is well aware, Valentine’s Day is on it’s way. I dropped a huge hint today to the hubby about what I want. It’s useful, it’s cute…and I’ve been wanting them for about 3 years. I want some of those cute rubber boots at Target! I hope they are still selling them…I already know what I’m getting him. He told me at Christmas (after another failed attempt at an awesome gift…) that men love gift cards to Lowe’s and Home Depot. Okay. No guesswork there.

Well, in honor of the holiday which I used to despise so greatly, I am having a great time this year with Beanster. I found some really great crafts online and we’re doing some of them! The one we did today was super quick and easy and incorporated a lot of tools Beanster likes: stickers and markers and paper plates. I found this one on

What’s so wonderful is that they get to be totally creative! AND, it only took about 5 minutes. Beanster had a great time with the markers. I peeled a lot of paper off a lot of foam stickers. It’s super quick and super fun!

Paper Plate Valentine Craft...side 1.
Paper Plate Valentine Craft…side 1.
Paper Plate Valentine Craft...side 2.
Paper Plate Valentine Craft…side 2.

This will be fun to put his Valentine’s gifts into.


Today, I tried to get him to sort some things. It was not a completely honest task. I have this bag o’ sequins that we use frequently and I thought it would be great to sort them by color AND I thought it would be a great motor skills/color sorting thing for him to do. He was not interested in it at all. I really thought he would be. He loves gluing them, but obviously, glue is the key factor.

We’ll see what else I can come up with…

Have a great night, everyone. Peace and love.



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