More Homeschool Success!


I have been working hard at trying to find more ways for Beanster to enjoy his homeschool time. He is not terribly interested in coloring. That’s out the window now. After observing him and seeing what he liked to do, I ran across a couple of blogs that put some fantastic ideas in my head. These may not be news to you, but these were great methods for him.

1.) He’s tactile, so let’s play with Hot Wheels!

In one blog, they used masking tape on the floor and formed a letter. The child had lined up their toy cars on it (there’s a light coming on now). Since he loves his cars, I knew that would be perfect! Sure enough, he was all over it! I only had one car out, but that was all he needed.

Masking tape letters on the floor.
Masking tape letters on the floor.

Okay, so the lower-case “n” doesn’t look like an “n”, but it’s hard to make curves…. We traced the letter with the little truck, and he went over it backward and forward several times. I got him to pronounce the letter. I used my finger and traced it, saying, “Up, down, up.” When he threw a “w” in there, I made one of those and showed him the difference. Then he focused on the little “n” and kept calling it a “house”. Yes, it did look a little like a bad roof…

2.) He’s still tactile, so let’s play with glue and construction paper!

Our color for the week was green. Our shape was a square. I cut two long strips from every other color and then cut them into little squares. I drew a capital and lower-case “N” on the page and traced that with glue. He had the best time putting down the squares. I noticed that he was working very diligently on making the decision of which color to use next and where exactly to place it. It was so interesting watching the process happen.

I told the Hubby that if it would have been me, it might not have has been as random in the colors, and it probably would have been more aligned. Beanster didn’t want alignment. He was really having a great time being artistic!


I think I’ll hang onto these methods. He really seemed to grasp the concept of the letter well when we used in several different formats. He colored (not pictured), he glued, and he made a race track all out of one letter.

The other little miracle that occurred yesterday happened while we were watching Team Umizoomi! He is really enjoying that show. They were asking how many of an object did the child see? Beanster popped right out with “Two!” I was so surprised! I congratulated him and gave him a big hug. I don’t know how long he’s known it was two, but he’s never said it. That was very encouraging to hear him say it. He doesn’t really guess, either. He’s given plenty of wrong answers. When he speaks, he means what he says.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great day. Peace and love, everyone!

Be creative.
Be creative.

3 thoughts on “More Homeschool Success!

  1. Instead of just gluing paper pieces onto the letter I had my boys glue on something that started with that letter: alphabet pasta for A, beans for B, cotton balls for C, etc… That kept it interesting as they learned their letters week after week.

  2. Godmadeknown, thanks for the great suggestion. My mom had even mentioned that it could get boring if that’s all I did every week. I think I may have latched onto something now that I know what peaks his interest!

    terrikenworthy, I’m glad that I can pass along some great ideas. I just wish I had thought of some of these awesome things!

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