I cheated at dinner….


Okay, so I have never claimed to be the best cook in the world, but I do get a little proud when I can cook something super-fast, super-cheap, and sorta healthy! I would love to do organic all the time, but that is just not feasible right now. Fresh produce, yes. Organic, not so much. One day it will be the staple of our diet! I’m believing it!

For dinner tonight, I was trying to make something quick and painless. Rice is pretty quick and easy. So I cooked up 2 cups of rice (dry measure) and in another pot, I opened a can of Wolf Brand chili (is there really any other chili out there? i think not…), one can of Winn-Dixie organic corn, one can of black beans, and one can of Hunt’s Fire Roasted diced tomatoes. Wow. That made for a great, if spicy, dinner! Everyone seemed to like it.

It looks better on the stove.
It looks better on the stove.


We actually made some progress today! Yea! This week is “M”, “yellow”, “13”, and “triangle”. All afternoon he was so proud, because he could say “triangle!” 🙂 He did a little bit of coloring, then slammed the marker down and that was the end of that….el cheapo. I asked him if he could color inside the lines. All he heard was “line” and he began to draw a straight line! Yea!


I had cut out 13 triangles of different sizes from construction paper. I’ve never seen a child have that much fun with plain old paper! There were no words on it or anything at all, but he kept getting different ones, running them across the table, and saying, “It’s a boat!”


He didn’t really want to work with the numbers too much, but that’s okay. He is really getting a good grip on his colors, for the most part. He is also progressing with his shapes. I think there must be too many numbers and letters for him right now. He has his favorites, though. There are 20 steps at work and we count them every single time we go up and down. He usually just rambles them off, but the last time he really tried to count along.


I know that this weather has everyone confused on the Gulf Coast! Two days ago we were wearing our usual shorts and flip-flops. Today, we couldn’t get warm enough. Yesterday morning was the high and the temp kept dropping all day long. Today we turned the heater on in the living room. A few minutes later I hear a little voice calling me. I walk in there to see him standing on the coffee table in only a diaper. He was so proud that he had undressed himself completely! I guess he wanted me to be proud of him, also… All day he’s been pulling off either his shirt or his pants. The socks are off as soon as I get them on. The house shoes are off after about 5 minutes… It’s hopeless. At least it’s warm in here.

Beanster bundled up for the cold snap!
Beanster bundled up for the cold snap!

That is why we never pack away our summer clothes in the south! You never know what the weather is going to be like from one day to the next! I literally had on shorts yesterday morning! Oh well. It was a great excuse to have chili for dinner!


Well, I don’t know what happened to my desk this week. Oh, yes I do. The rain went away and the roof stopped leaking. I hope it dries out before it heats back up. We don’t need mold. Ugh. Anywho, all that organization I did the other has completely come undone. The table is now in front of the filing cabinets, everything had to be shifted over so I can’t get to the closet door very well, and the stuff that was on the table, but in danger, had to be moved, so it’s all on my desk. I went through it and I have two people asking me to find things and tally things and make sure everything is A-O-K. okay… The task is now to find everything and make sure the mail goes out, the bills get paid, the checkbook gets reconciled, and whatever else is in one of these piles.

It’s going to be okay. I’m sure this was just a test of the Patience Broadcasting System. I’ve run into a few of those lately. I’ve been having to pick up the slack around the house because one of our number has been down and out for nearly a week. (It’s good, because I’ve gotten to do some cooking and cleaning that I’ve been meaning to do.) Like I said, this was only a test. In the event that this had been an actual emergency, I may not have handled it quite so well….

Have a great Friday, everyone! Peace and love.

sometimes your plans don't work out


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