Homemade Poptarts


Today, I tried a new recipe that I’d wanting to test out. I had all the ingredients, mostly, and decided to take a whirl with it. I have my notes below the recipe. Here is the recipe I used:


As a note, I used vanilla yogurt, because it was all I had. I use Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Vanilla yogurt all the time and didn’t have any of their Plain variety on hand. They tasted just fine.

Also, I would add that you need to poke holes in the top layer, because they were really puffy. And they STAYED that way! I’m not sure how thick the dough is supposed to be, but I rolled mine out pretty thin and they were a little crispy. They may have been better had it not puffed up so much.

Also, I had to press around all 4 sides on BOTH sides, because it was thick enough that I could not get the two sides seamed up well enough.

Ready to bake!
Ready to bake!

I also made two different sizes and they cooked exactly the same. I even used the top and bottom racks at the same time and they all cooked just fine.

Puffy homemade poptarts.
Puffy homemade poptarts.

I think I may try using Nutella next time! I was out of butter after this recipe, or else I would have had a review of those, too!


Don’t ask how this week has gone, so far. Okay, we haven’t gotten much done. Beanster was so tired today that we ended up taking nap time BEFORE lunch! We are on the letter “M” this week and I found a “mailman” learning pack on the internet today. Beanster loves the mailman. He always wants to help me check the mail and even puts the envelopes in the box and raises the flag! I think it will be a great lesson for him. Their lessons always look pretty comprehensive.

We did watch some educational videos about trains this morning. It was about an engineer who explains what his job entails, along with the different parts of the train. I know Beanster is only 2.5, but it is still good for him to watch things like that.

I’ve also decided to start mini-field trips with a couple of friends who have boys that are around Beanster’s age. There are plenty of places to go around here and it will be good for them to socialize with each other more. So, now I get to plan a field trip or two on as low of a shoestring budget as possible. It should be pretty fun. I love planning!

Well, I hope everyone has a great evening! Peace and love, everyone!

IMG_6507 - Version 2


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