Another non-resolution.


Well, I’ve previously mentioned how I don’t make resolutions. It’s pretty much a “goals” list. I have gotten started on several of them, already, but one has been eluding me since I don’t have the peace and quiet to think long and hard about it.

Tonight, I got that chance. Turns out, after a little brainstorming, it’s going to be a little bit bigger than I originally thought, but that’s okay. I’m just relieved I got started on it! It’s going to be interesting to see how far I get and how my skills will improve through this little project. The homeschooling has improved my teaching ability and my scissor-using ability. It’s funny how skills get rusty over time, but then come back like riding a bicycle.

It’s been quiet around the house. We did watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune during dinner, but after that we turned off the television and just played around. Beanster isn’t too happy with it, but he watches way too much, in my opinion. He’s been jumping around and playing with his Duplo Legos. It’s nice to see him using his brain and creating things. I love to watch that little imagination at work. And in the meantime, I got the chance to start my project!

It’s still nice and quiet. I may have a chance to look at one of those magazines in the pile, eh? I am very much appreciating the schedule that I enacted for this year. I’m not hitting all the marks every single day, but knowing what’s ahead and being prepared for it sure has freed up a lot of time. I’m not rushed, I’m not frantically trying to remember what I need to do before I walk out the door, and I’m not getting aggravated with Beanster because he won’t cooperate because we’re late because I was unprepared. Ahhhh.

I think I may go to bed a few minutes early tonight, too. Wow. That’s a nice thought. Peace and love, everyone!

commit to the LORD whatever you do


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