Homeschool success!


Well, I found out that a certain Beanster is a morning learner! Yea! We worked on week 12. For the number I had put dog stickers on a page for him to count. He’s not so much into numbers and letters, but he did like the attempts I made at drawing things that were “orange” and things that begin with the letter “L”. It saves a lot of printer ink to draw things, plus I get to attempt to improve my puny drawing skills. I never have been good at drawing, but at least the representation is evident.

We worked on our verse for the week (not that I expect a two year old to memorize anything like that) and I found the greatest SHORT video to go along with our verse:

We must have watched it at least 10 times before I found another song to listen to. While it was going in the background, we began to work on our scissor skills. He had never used any before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I finally got his fingers in them properly. We tried both hands. Sometimes he prefers his right hand and sometimes he prefers his left. I’m not going to force him to do anything with one hand or the other, but I did try to get him to use proper scissor care whichever hand he used. We’ll continue to work on it. I had a strip of construction paper and he did cut a couple of pieces off. His little face was so cute when he realized he had actually done it correctly!

Day 1 of scissor practice.
Day 1 of scissor practice.

The “craft” so far this week has been for the “oval” shape. I cut out several lemons and limes from construction paper. I had purchased some “metallic” off-brand sharpies at WalMart a few weeks back to do some things for Christmas. I decided, since it was fruit, that we would do the “fruits of the Spirit”. I made one batch for the lemons and one batch for the limes.


No matter if you believe in God or not, some of these fruits are pretty handy in day-to-day living. Patience comes in handy in traffic, in grocery lines, and with your kiddos when they act like two-year-olds! šŸ™‚ In fact, I have a whole folder in my homeschool downloads that is just for ethics. I think it’s an under-taught subject. That’s just my opinion.

We also had a little bit of Phys Ed today. It’s still pretty cold outside and it’s supposed to rain today. AND the heater broke in the office. I could not get it to turn off last night when I pushed the button, so I had to unplug it. This morning, plugging it back in didn’t work, so we’ve had the office door open, hoping the heat from the living room will make it’s way in here. Also, we’re watching television, a show about a zoo (not the Matt Damon movie), and that is helping to warm up the room. The Phys Ed part comes in with a song by Audio Adrenaline, called, “Get Down”. Every year at VBS that is the song they play, and for people who are out of shape like me, all the moves feel like boot camp! There’s a part where they get all the way down on the floor…and then get back up. Beanster loves that song! He hears it start and his face breaks out into this huge smile. He was jumping up and down saying, “Up! Gi’ down! Up! Gi’ down!” He must have gone through that song four times!

Well, it’s nearly lunch time and Beanster has been such a good boy today. It’s been a SUPREMELY pleasant day! I guess we need to do our a.m. homeschool more often!

Have a great day, everyone! Peace and love.

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