A certain list of goals.


Well, I have read blog after blog after blog of people who have a list of books they would like to read this year. So, I’ve compiled one, myself. It’s mostly books I already have, but I either haven’t finished, haven’t started them, or just want to re-read them.


I also want to finish reading “Bringing Up Boys”, by Dr. James Dobson. I can’t find it at the moment, but it’s here somewhere…which is probably why I haven’t finished it yet. ahem. I also have a huge stack of magazines to read that I haven’t gotten to this year. Most of them are freebies.



I just have to carve out time in my day to do these things that are on my “goals” list. Yes, I don’t want to call the resolutions, because I’m still a tad overweight, under-organized, and don’t quite have it all together habitually.

Well, I guess I need to go get some other things done so I can find time to read a little bit tonight, eh? Have a great night, everyone!

Peace and love!


One thought on “A certain list of goals.

  1. I have started Alone With God by MacArthur. I was just telling Justin last night that I need to finish reading it! 🙂 I need to make a list of “goals” as well!

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