Our homeschool adventure begins again.


The other night, Beanster went to bed early and I got tons of homeschooling stuff written up. Ten weeks, to be exact. Well, here it is Thursday and we have yet to get started. I even told him we had gluing to do!

Here’s my problem. I can’t peel him away from the television. He spends time with his papaw (grandfather) and that’s pretty much all they do, except when it’s warm enough to go outside for a little while. Now, I can’t get him to concentrate on anything when we’re here in the office. I don’t care how interesting it is, he doesn’t want to sit and learn. I know there are other methods and I do incorporate other ways of learning, but when you’re trying to teach ABC’s and 123’s, sometimes paper is the easiest way. He does learn through some educational shows on PBS, but I am really starting to think he’s allowed to watch too much television. I don’t even watch that much. If I do, it’s also educational. *sigh*

I have some great crafts this week. We are going to make a little snowman. I have all the pieces cut out and I may even get crazy and let him do glitter for snow! 🙂 The other craft that I really want to do during January is a coffee-filter snowflake. It’s already round, so half the battle is won! There will probably be glue on it, too, along with a bunch of glitter. I bought 4 bottles I can use: light blue, royal blue, pearlized, and silver. I’m pretty excited about it. I bet if I get it all out and he walks in here, he’ll be into it immediately!

He doesn’t like coloring anymore. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I take crayons away from him when he starts eating them. I found one the other day that was gnawed through right in the middle like and ear of corn! Oh well.

I also drew football and basketball jerseys on some pages for the number of the week. I have used stickers of things that he likes when he has to count up to a certain number. He starts counting at 13 for some reason, so next week he should really get into this!


I don’t know how many of you out there went a little crazy after Christmas like I did and bought enough supplies for the next decade… ahem. Well, today I went through the tissue paper and got it all sorted out. Yes, I’m so sick and twisted that I have all my tissue paper color-code organized. It’s a nice little rainbow of color. The white, plus gold, silver, and prints are in a separate box. I have just that much. The wrapping paper is all organized, the bows are in a nice little box so they won’t get crushed, and all the ribbon is now in one place. Everything is labeled. It’s so wonderful! I’ve been putting it off, but I knew I had to do it. The only thing I have left to put away are the 3 wreaths. I don’t want them to go in the attic, because something got ahold of my good wreath with the berries, which used to be red, but when I got them down from the attic, they were white. Hmmm. Sounds like a problem. So, I am now searching for a place in the already-packed-to-the-gills office to put them.

Well, I’ll keep everyone posted on the homeschool progress. Let’s see if the scent of Elmer’s glue draws him in….

Peace and love, everyone!

all i know about Christmas


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