A new adventure every day!


It’s amazing where opportunities happen. Beanster loves certain things that all little boys seem to love: trains, planes, and automobiles. Especially firetrucks and trains. We went to visit some family over the holidays. On the way to their house, we stopped at their favorite pizza place and picked up a gift certificate. (Whoever said those weren’t good options was not 100% correct.)

Anywho, we went in and Beanster had his little firetruck in his hand that Dada gave him for Christmas. The guy behind the counter told us we had just missed a bunch of firemen, because they had been called out in the middle of their meal. Well, I guess it didn’t take too long, whatever they were doing, because as we were getting back in the car, they pulled up! They saw Beanster’s firetruck in his hand and offered to let him see the truck up close! They even offered to take our pictures!

Beanster in the driver's seat!
Beanster in the driver’s seat!

He didn’t really like being in there alone, so I was allowed to crawl up in there with him.


You know, there were a LOT of switches and buttons surrounding the driver. I’d never seen inside a firetruck, so it was all new to me. Obviously, we both had fun!


The one thing that struck me was how willing they were to let two random people check out their truck. They had already had their lunch interrupted and now that they were back, they took time our of their schedule and allowed us a great thrill! Their kindness continues to astound me. I hope I am that kind to people on a daily basis. I should never be in too much of a hurry to miss opportunities to be kind to someone, even in the middle of Beanster having a meltdown.

So, not only did Beanster get a firetruck for Christmas, he got to sit in a real live one and have his picture taken by real firemen! That was a day to remember!


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