Is it too early?

They always say, “it’s never too late”. So, does that mean it’s never too early? Just a thought.

I packed up all the Christmas stuff yesterday, took down the tree, etc. We still have lights up outside and the wreaths are still out, but that’s because I need to put a few last things in the boxes before it all goes up in the attic for another year. I’m not totally humbug today. I still have a tablecloth that needs to be wiped down and put away, but if you saw all the stuff on the table, you’d know exactly why I was procrastinating.

Today, however, was the appointed “after Christmas sale” day. Everyone knows it. Since I make my own schedule (and the place I work wasn’t open anyways), Beanster and I took it upon ourselves to hit the stores early. Well, the first kink in our plans was that I never heard the alarm go off at 6:30. We woke up at 8:30. By the way, Target opens at 8:00 sharp. *sigh* We were there by 9:00 and we stocked up on quite a bit. Everything was 50% off. I got about 5 rolls of wrapping paper, or more (ahem), gift tags, and ornaments. (If you had seen our dark and depressing little tree this year, you’d understand why I got what I did.) The one thing they were out of was tissue paper. Well, that was one of the main things I was going for.

So, we checked out, loaded up and hit another store. Then we went to Dollar Tree. Out of tissue paper. Ugh. I did find a few things and picked up the all-important coffee filters. That was kind of a must. One thing I did get there was a tin for my brother’s gift. He doesn’t read this blog, so I can talk about it. I made him a batch of cookies that we have made for years: No Bake Cookies. I’ll have to share the recipe for those who are interested. At Target, about a month ago, I had seen the greatest ornament. My brother loves biking, so when I found this I HAD to get it. They don’t put up a tree, but they can hang it up somewhere.


I was going to make some specialized cookies for his girlfriend. Well, I didn’t have half of what they called for because I didn’t read the recipe before I left the house this morning. So, since she doesn’t read the blog, either, I can also talk about her gift. There’s a pizza place that they absolutely adore. Gift. Certificate. I can’t express how much easier those are sometimes. I know they say it’s crass, or it makes it look like you didn’t really think much about the gift, but ya know, when you know what people like, it’s worth it to me! On with the shopping story… We couldn’t find tissue paper anywhere, so we went to the place I hate going the most. Yes, they’re competitive. Yes, they have a huge selection. No, they never have enough checkout clerks and that pains me. I have a two-year-old, people, and he doesn’t like being “stuck” in a cart. So, I parked near the garden department, because I’ve been there enough to know where the Christmas stuff is.

I come out of Wal-Mart with about 5 more rolls of wrapping paper, more super cheap ornaments, and ta-dah… tissue paper! I was so excited. So, between the bundle of places I went today, I got everything to match up for her present!

Beautiful gold tissue paper...
Beautiful gold tissue paper…


So, it’s a few days late, but it’s all going to work out. We didn’t want to get together on Christmas, because there’s just no sense in braving tornadic weather for a few gifts. On that note, we were very blessed to have ZERO tornadoes with the 50 mile radius! Now, places near us (yes, 5-10 hours away is too close) got it, but we were spared! Whew! Thank You, God! Anywho, we’re getting to celebrate Christmas all over again tomorrow…if I remember to put their gifts in the car…

I also have 2 other gift certificates to buy…ahem.


I may have shared this recipe before, but here it is again.

3/4 C butter
3 T cocoa
2 C. sugar
1/2 C milk
Bring to a boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Add:
1/2 C peanut butter
3 C. one minute oats
Drop by teaspoonfuls onto wax paper to cool.

Note: You may want to set the timer for the two minutes. Undercooking takes forever to dry. Overcooking makes them dry out before you get them all out of the pan.

Which one of these is not like the others?  Beanster can reach a long way.
Which one of these is not like the others? Beanster can reach a long way.


Okay, so I’ve not homeschooled my child in a couple of weeks…months. We have been doing very educational things, though, in my defense. I’m actually out of ink, so I’m going to have to draw everything again. Stupid printers…..

Anywho…we worked on our Advent calendar all month and eventually all the pieces got put up. The cool thing is that I didn’t know what I was going to do on the bottom for the 25th. Less than a week before Christmas, the little kids did a craft project at church. It worked pretty well.


It’s all packed away right now. Yea. I usually leave things up, but when we have our own place (which will seem bigger with only 3 people, instead of 5), I may leave it up a little longer again. I did buy a storage box just for ornaments today. Got it at Target for $7.99. It has the little flip-up tabs on the ends to keep it locked down. I love it!


Well, I guess that’s all the news. I am going to continue to work on my office organization. Some of it is coming together. Some of it, not so much. The good news is that I can now see more of the floor. Moved a couple of things…took down a Christmas tree and moved furniture back in its correct position… I will keep you posted AND I will post pictures of the organization when I’m all done.

Peace and love, everyone. Have a great middle-of-the-week!

Beautiful, clear sky today after horrible storms yesterday.
Beautiful, clear sky today after horrible storms yesterday.

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