Merry Christmas to all!

Well, we were up early this a.m. We’ve been dealing with sick baby days and we’re all exhausted. So, someone woke up extra early today and we had no choice but to open gifts. This year was extraordinary. People were able to buy him nice gifts this year. Last year was pretty sparse on our part, but our church really blessed us in 2011. This year, he was pretty excited. The good thing is, his jammies are all 5T, so he can wear them for 2-3 years. His big toys are good for years…as long as he remains interested in them…and he got books and dvd’s, both of which are educational.

Mama even put a few of these pieces together!
Mama even put a few of these pieces together!

It’s funny because we are expecting really bad weather today. Let’s just say that when the Weather Channel gives you an 8 out of 10 on the TOR:CON, it’s not going to be a pretty day. Some of my family further west has already been having to deal with rough weather. So, we opened all our gifts, got our showers (just in case the power goes out) and had our breakfast. Somebody was being a fussy bean, so we put in one of his educational dvd’s about trains. He went right to sleep. I need an app that plays train sounds…is there one? I need to check around for something on download or cd!

I’ve also decided that I am going to take our tree down today. I usually wait until New Year’s Day, but this year, he got an Imaginarium train set, so we need the room! We still have the lights up outside that we can leave up for Beanster, so it’s not like we’re exiting the holiday season or anything.

Well, things are getting difficult. I have a train dvd going on Beanster’s little old box television, the weather channel going on one monitor and a blog going on this one. The keyboard is in my lap and so is a sleeping Bean. Well, I need to go administer some cough syrup.

I pray everyone has had a blessed day. Peace and love.



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