Hello, again!


Whew. This has been a rough couple of weeks. Let me start off, though, by apologizing. It has been so crazy. Last weekend we were supposed to go to three (3) Christmas parades. Made it to one. Spent an entire night tossing up lunch and dinner. Didn’t have an appetite for nearly a week, then hit the road for a quick visit to see my mother-in-law. Man, that was a rough drive. Broke down with a dead battery in a very small town that, THANK GOD, had a Wal-Mart. I’m tired. I’ve got laundry going as we speak, dinner that is over and ready to be put away, a child that is getting into literally everything he can get his hands on.

I had a great, no, FANTASTIC weekend. I got to spend time in the “big city” and go to a super awesome church service. I got to shop a little bit and visit some family on their “live aboard” boat. That was cool.

I have my Christmas cards mailed out (the ones that are going to go out) and we got Christmas pictures back (another blessing occurred today when I picked them up) and they are in envelopes ready to be mailed out.

I have no more Christmas shopping left. I am going to be making some cookies for close family. I have my advent ornaments to continue hanging up everyday. I have an office to organize and a sweet potato box of things to file away. (I would just throw them in with the rest of the 2012 stuff, but you never know when you’re going to need those things, eh? Might as well file the important stuff.)

I’m weary. Fortunately, my soul has been revitalized. I have hope, I have a more positive outlook. I’m ready to meet some challenges that I’ve been avoiding. I need a really good nap first, though.

I hope everyone has had a great week (or two). I promise to be more up to date on my postings. Hopefully, the stomach bug will avoid our house through the holidays!

Peace and love, everyone!

Capt. Beanster
Capt. Beanster

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