Potty-Training Boot Camp (resumed)


Well, day one was not fun. Day two was completely unexpected. Beanster went off to daycare and (surprise, surprise) he came home in the same clothes! He didn’t even have on a pull-up for nap time and he was dry! We went to Target for a few things and he stayed dry there, also! Well, he came home and about 10 minutes before we left for church, he doused his pa-paw’s chair. Soaked. So, we changed pants and underpants and went on our way. An hour later he did it again. So we set him on the potty in the nursery for 5 minutes, knowing he wasn’t done. Well, he refused to potty. The nursery worker dressed him in dry clothes, again. She said it wasn’t 5 minutes after that he went everywhere. I don’t know why…

Today, I kinda gave up the battle and put him in pull-ups. He hasn’t been going nearly as much today and I’ve sat him on the potty, but he seems to rather go in a diaper type situation. He has the concept down. He can sit on his potty and keep himself entertained with a Hot Wheels, but he just won’t go. And if he does and it’s time for a shower, he finishes up in the shower. *sigh* Onward.

The good news is that I found a 3-pack at Target yesterday of superhero underpants for $2.98. They were on the 50% off rack. (my favorite)


I’m trying to teach Beanster more things about Christmas than just Santa and presents. Tonight I made a little manger scene out of popsicle sticks. Super cute. He pointed out the baby, but he has a hard time making the connection of hearing about Baby Jesus to seeing a representation of Him. We’re going to continue to work on that. I can’t remember which site I found this on, but I just Googled “popsicle stick nativity craft” and I found it under the images.

Popsicle stick Nativity
Popsicle stick Nativity

Tonight we also did a Christmas tree craft with popsicle sticks. They’re just so versatile… Beanster loves glue. I put the dots down and he just goes to town pressing things down into it, then picking the dried glue off his fingers later. The tree came out pretty cute. I thought he did a good job sticking it all on there.

Popsicle stick Christmas tree.
Popsicle stick Christmas tree.

When school started earlier this year, we stocked up on supplies. Unfortunately, the crafts weren’t on sale. The big win, I think, had to be the ginormous bag of sequin-type things. I think I only paid about $4 for it at Wal-Mart. It had a pretty good diversity of things in it. There were heart, leaves, stars, angels, trees, flowers, plain ol’ sequins. (I know Beanster is a boy, but if it flashes or shines, it certainly catches his attention.) We also have 3 types of popsicle sticks – the plain, the colored, and the wide. They sure have come in handy.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! Peace and love, everyone!



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