Potty Training Bootcamp!


Okay, so Beanster brings me his diaper in his hands this morning. Well, that kinda settled a “do I, don’t I” argument that I’ve been having with myself. He knows the concept of using the potty; we just keep putting him in diapers.

I’ve slowly been accumulating some underpants. Well, we’ve gone through 4 pair already today. I won’t even go into what happened in the first one, but for those who have been there, it’s soaking in Shout. I tried something that I read in a blog recently. They had a little potty that they put in the room where the child spent the most time. Well, my rug has got to be cleaned now, which I expected.

Our big problem is attention span. He has plenty to do, but as soon as he hears the little music box start up, he’s done. Whether he’s done or not for real is another story. The one time he did use it successfully today, his underpants were already off and he had something to do while he sat there and he actually finished. The other times, I ended up with about 3 puddles to clean up. Let’s just say that Lysol is going to be my new best friend.

There are so many things that he can partially do and I feel like he could finish learning them. He has been able to help get himself dressed for so long that I want him to finish the process. He tries and then he gets a toe snagged and he yells and throws his pants. He can’t get a shirt on his head so he yells and he throws it. *sigh* It’s a matter of keeping him calm and seeing him through the process.

As for other things, I got my major rearranging project done today. On DECAF!!! It’s not finished, but I got things where I wanted them. Yea! That is something that has been bugging me for quite some time. If I have to work to get something someplace, I’m more than likely not going to put it away immediately, hence the sweet potato box full of filing. So, the file cabinets are no longer in the corner. The box is, but it can be easily accessed.

I also FINALLY got our Advent calendar started. There’s no candy associated with each day or anything like that and I don’t really have anything yet for the 25th, but we are going to try to make a manger at some point.

Our homegrown Advent tree.
Our homegrown Advent tree.

Basically, I just used the Autoshapes in my Word 2003 program (yes, I still love that one). I printed it out on construction paper…um, back in October. I finally got 24 ornaments cut out a week ago! It’s going to end up being in the shape of a tree. I just used clear push-pins. I was wanting to laminate them or something, but that just didn’t happen. What I want to eventually do is make one out of fabric or felt. That will have to be started in January to finish it by 2016. (tee hee)

Well, I hope everyone has had a great start to their week. Peace and love, everyone!

IMG_9249 - Version 2


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