I love Christmas!


Today was a great day. We really got to try to drive home the message of Christmas. A church in a town down the road had a Bethlehem exhibit. It was pretty neat, because it was very interactive. They had food, crafts for kids, and some other exhibits. It was set up like a little town. At the door they gave you a couple of coins to give as alms to the “beggars”.

I loved that Beanster got to give his alms (though he’s too young to understand, he did without question). I hope to raise a child who is generous, yet wise with his money. I also like that it was historical. I think experiences like that can always make history interesting.

But more than that, I want Christmas to be more than presents and Santa. I want it to be about the birth of Jesus, family, love, and peace. I know, I know. He may not appreciate like I do, but I pray that he does and that he can pass it down to his kids.

It’s just so wonderful to have a time of year where you can focus on family, with purpose, to reflect on all the blessings you just recognized a month earlier at Thanksgiving, and look forward to what the New Year brings just around the corner. There’s enough going wrong with the world today, so sometimes it takes a little extra focus. I know I have to focus, since Beanster sees lights and Santa everywhere. And I have no problem with that, but I want to him to know about the Reason for the Season more than anything.

Have a great week, everyone. Peace and love.

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2 thoughts on “I love Christmas!

    1. I know the feeling. Having a little one running around the house helps you to appreciate all the things you normally miss, even if it’s not Christmas! Little eyes see so much and it’s great to see the littlest things and take wonder in them again. 😀

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