Small blessings.


I’m not the world’s best when it comes to checking e-mails. I usually bypass a lot of them and end up missing a few things. Well, last night, I decided to check one out after it got my attention. Turns out, we got free photos at a studio! I ended up buying the smallest package for under $10, since the others were free. I also got Christmas photo cards on the half-off day from VistaPrint (I had almost bought them the other day for 2X the cost). Today, I ran across a website that I don’t check very often anymore and I found a deal for under $5 for a Christmas present I never would have thought of, but it seems so perfect for the person I bought it for.

In the days since I quit caffeine, and the days of the full moon, it’s nice to have these small little blessings pop up. Since I took those things back yesterday that I didn’t need, it opened the door for me to be able to get a couple of other things. Pretty nice.

I am hoping Beanster’s pictures come in before we have our little mini-vacation in a couple of weeks. It would be nice to save on postage, eh?

Well, I don’t have much to report today, but it’s been a good day, even if someone who shall remain nameless was up from 1 A.M. to 4 A.M. last night…ahem…(cough)Beanster(cough). 🙂 It was nice to just lay down today and watch a little television and see the end of a movie I’d only seen pieces of. It was nice to have Beanster not totally cooperate today during the photo shoot so that I didn’t have quite so many adorable pictures to weed out. It was great to have another awesome day to be alive and spend in a relaxing manner and recuperate!

Peace and love, everyone.

cardinal in the snowy trees


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