Let me rethink this whole thing….


Well, you know we got the Christmas tree up and the “forever” tree skirt under the tree and all the presents wrapped. Okay, let me back up. I got them all wrapped, but then I really started thinking about things. Here I am griping about organization, lack of space, and lack of funds. So, I decided to return a couple of things. There was one present for Beanster that he had seen and not even paid much attention to. It was a little grocery cart. There’s one at church and they LOVE it. Well, I decided to return it. There were a couple of other little tidbits to return and it added up to a whopping $22! Yea! So, the tree looks a little emptier than it should, but that’s okay. It’s not about presents.

The confession side of this is that someone bought Beanster a big huge train set. That’s going to take up the rest of the year. He’s not even going to pay attention to anything else. I am keeping some of the “educational” things that I got him and the 5T Angry Birds pajamas (that should last a couple of years). I just didn’t think that he needed frivolous stuff right now. Plus, I could see him running that cart into everything and knocking stuff down.

Some people from church recently went on a mission trip to Central America. The poverty there just overwhelms me. Yet, after all they’ve been through, they still have joy in their hearts, smiles on their faces, and hospitality like you’ve never seen. I was feeling a little guilty buying all this stuff for Beanster when he doesn’t play with half of what he has! So, what I’m going to do is spend some of that money on Operation Christmas Child for next year.

The way our church set it up (and I think this is fantastic) is that each month you buy something different. That way you could buy for several children instead of seeing it all racked up as a grand total in November. I have a large box that I can start filling up as soon as Christmas is over. I wish I could lay my hands on the list from last year, but it went something like this:

January: toothbrushes and toothpaste
February: school supplies
March: girl’s toys
April: boy’s toys

etc., etc., etc. It’s a great system and I fully intend to utilize it this year! Like I said, Beanster has more than enough and maybe through helping me shop for things like this, he will grow a heart of generosity. Of course, I may have to shop without him when it comes to little boy’s toys, eh? 🙂 I think it does children a world of good to see the examples we can set. They pick up our bad habits so easily that sometimes we have to work a little extra at the good habits!

Well, have a great evening everyone! Peace and love! Here’s a little laugh to get you through the evening!

Generation Gap
Generation Gap

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