It’s been a Monday. Wait…it’s Thursday.

My keyboard has been down for several days now. I was honestly going to make a Wassail post the following day, but today my hubby came in, took about 30 seconds and fixed the stupid keyboard. So, here I am downloading pics, saving files, and finally getting back to my blog. I don’t know how interesting I really am, but some of you keep coming back to read more, so I keep writing.


Okay, I’m not sure how many people have actually had Wassail, but it is awesome. I’m sure there are as many recipes as there are people, but here’s the one I go by:

2 bottles apple cider (the ones the size of a fruit juice jug, not the massive grande ones)
1 large can pineapple juice
Juice of 1 lemon
A couple of good spoonfuls of orange juice concentrate
Several good shakes of cinnamon (probably about 2 T. or so)
Good pinch of nutmeg
Allspice or cloves

Put all in a large pot and bring to a boil. I keep my bottles so I can put it back in the refrigerator. Ever since I’ve quit caffeine, I’ve really enjoyed having some hot wassail every morning. You can adjust everything to your taste. As a side note, the pineapple juice should be close to the apple, grape, and cranberry juices. I think I bought Dole, but I’m not going to swear to it. You can slice up some citrus to put in there also, but I just use the juices.

I have quit caffeine. I enjoy the coffee, and the wassail is now gone, so I bought a little can of decaf coffee this afternoon. In a house as cold as ours, it’s nice to have a little something warm in your belly to get you going.


I am already making out my New Year’s Resolution list, so that when I ignore it from Day 1, it will be old news and I won’t feel so guilty. No seriously, I am making some “life change” goals for myself. I am expecting absolutely nobody to stick with me on them. It’s just something for myself. So far, I’ve quit the caffeine (yea) and I’m working on getting some financial stuff together and sorted out. I’m still in the midst of cleaning out things. I’m down to the stuff that I’ve hung on to for so long that I don’t know if I can ever part with it, but some of it just needs to go.

We had a massive furniture move the other day. We put Beanster’s dresser in our room, then moved the Hubby’s dresser into the office for all of Beanster’s clothes. A couple of drawers are going to be used for homeschool stuff. It’s already made so much space in both rooms that it’s unreal. Beanster’s dresser was smaller, but for some reason, that smallness (and no place to put anything on top) has really made a big dent in stuff lying around. (Does anyone else have that little pile of things that just don’t have a home?)

Slowly, but surely, things are finding a place to live. I got a spare plastic tub and put all the gift wrap in it, along with my massive collection of tissue paper and bows and gift bags….It looks more put-together now. I think that’s really what the whole place has been missing – a sense of consistency. I mean, when you have things in 3 different types of fruit boxes, a couple of paper bags, and a pile, it just doesn’t have the aesthetics that you really dreamed of…ahem.

My one other goal is to quit eating so much sugar, in general. I don’t mind a little sweet tea, or an organic soda every now and then, but I really am trying to focus on fruit for a sweet treat, not so much junk. It’s hard just hearing myself type that….


Beanster has really been working on his letters and numbers. Today I put all of the color cards down on the floor (because the dresser went where they were attached to the wall) and he pointed out pictures and named almost everything. What he didn’t know, he just pointed to and said, “There?”

He is still following SuperWhy and yesterday he almost attempted to sing! Their song at the end says, “Hip, Hip, Hooray! The SuperReaders save the day!” He started yelling, “Hoo-Ray!” Then when it was over, he said, “I did it!” I’ve caught him trying to hum, as well. Both the Hubby and I are musically inclined, so we wondered when this would begin to kick in. Last Christmas, Hubby got him a little plastic guitar that makes a lot of sounds. He would stomp around in a circle, pushing the same button over and over, and sing, “Da-daaa, Da-daaa!” I had found a little microphone on sale at Target for a little over a dollar. It’s pretty much just a plastic mic and a spring with a rattly piece of metal that sounds like it’s echoing. Pretty brilliant, actually. He just yells into it. I’m hoping he’ll begin to sing before too long.

Whenever I’m in the kitchen, the big thing I hear now is, “I help you! I HELP YOU!” He is so eager to learn! Last night at church, they had some cookies with M&M’s in them. By the time we got through the line, they were all gone, but all the girls at our table each had one. Beanster wanted one so badly. I promised him that we would buy some M&M’s and make some cookies ourselves. Well, after today went by so fast, I didn’t feel like making a batch of cookies, so I got out some brownie mix. He wanted to help stir, but you know how tough those can be. I spread it out in the pan and he had the best time, at first, putting candy on. Well, he ended up eating most of them, but there was a nice little pile of them in one corner. 🙂 They were super tasty, though. He really wants to help cook all the time. Whenever he sees food on TV he says, “Cooking?”

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and that you are all recovering from the possible over-eating that was done. Peace and love, everyone!


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