We are thankful.


I’ve tried to make a list of things I’m thankful for in my head. In the midst of raising a 2.5 year old, the hubby starting a new job, and things in general just going nuts around us, I’ve tried to also put a silver lining around a lot of other things I wouldn’t normally be grateful for:

I am thankful for:
1.) A child who is healthy.
2.) A child who refuses to be potty trained, but still has a well working bladder in the shower.
3.) A child who eats his meals.
4.) A child who loves his food so much he keeps it in his mouth for 15 minutes, then when he is tickled (held over the sink) he spits it out all over me.
5.) A pair of pants.
6.) A washer and a dryer to launder those pants.
7.) A car that runs.
8.) A bit of money to fix that car, because that’s cheaper than buying a new or used automobile.
9.) A babysitter that doesn’t cost a whole lot of $.
10.) A job that makes enough $ to pay for the gas to get there and the daycare bill.
11.) A job that allows me to make my own schedule and bring the Beanster if I have to.
12.) A roof over my head, even if it does leak.
13.) Food in my pantry, even if most of it is for Beanster.
14.) A group of friends that are always there for me.
15.) A family that loves me, knows me, understands me, and likes me anyways.
16.) A husband who loves me and puts up with me.
17.) A church that is supportive and inclusive.
18.) A free nation that allows us to have rights that were endowed by our Creator.
19.) Salvation.
20.) A God who knows what is going on in this crazy, mixed up world.
21.) Hope and a future.
22.) Memories, in the midst of loss.
23.) Love in my heart, belief in my God, and trust in my family.

I can’t really ask for a whole lot more. I have been blessed beyond measure, despite myself, and I won’t ever know why.

I know it’s a little cliché’ to make a big list on Thanksgiving Eve, but it’s better to be thankful at least one day than none at all. Gratitude can take you a long way.


I am waiting until after Thanksgiving meal to set up my Christmas tree. I bought a little 6′ unlit tree with not a whole lot of branches, because it was cheap. I don’t know what the economy is going to do, so I just went with this little thing. The box looks pretty small. Not quite sure how full this 6′ tree is going to be, but what can you really expect for $20? Anywho, my mom made this awesome tree skirt. I wanted something that would be great for years to come. You know, the one you really like. Anywho, I had bought 4 pieces of Charlie Brown Christmas fabric (one has the famous tree on it). She mailed it to me two days ago and it showed up today! I was expecting a week, but bam! there it was on the doorstep today! So, when I set up the tree tomorrow, I will have to take a picture and post it for you all to see. It is just too cool!


Tonight I am making my Carrot-Raisin Salad for the dinner tomorrow with the family. I will definitely let you all know how it turns out. I have high hopes for it. Well, it’s pretty late, so I guess I’ll go ahead and get started on that before I forget tonight and tomorrow!

I hope and pray that everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving no matter how you choose to spend it. Peace and love, everyone.


One thought on “We are thankful.

  1. I’m at that point too…so hard to find the silver linings sometimes. I’m also thankful for my pair of jeans! LOL Although I have more that I just started wearing this summer because I’d lost weight; those jeans were from 2006 and a couple of them had never been worn before. So lucky I was stubborn about throwing them out or I’d just have the one pair. I saw a lady today with those new sparkly pocketed jeans with crosses on them and was so jealous. But you are definitely blessed for #11, wish I could find that kind of deal!

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