I’m missing a little something.


Before I had a family, I had LOADS of free time. I used to read, read, read, read, read. I had a pretty good bookcase going with this, that, and the other. I mainly had two types of books – gardening and history. I love history. Now, I’m no expert and I’m not superb with dates beyond 1099, 1776, and my own birthday, but I find history fascinating. It’s where we’ve been as humanity, how we’ve interacted, and what we’ve accomplished (for good or bad).

I miss being able to pick up a book and just read. There’s a little axiom out there that has proven true:

The quickest way to get your children’s attention is to look comfortable.

So true.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and some have book clubs started. I’m not indicating that I’m going to do that, but there are a couple of authors I never see listed, even in Christian circles. One of the is Gilbert Morris. He wrote an excellent historical series entitled, “The House of Winslow”. I don’t know how many books there ended up being in total, but I’ve read most of them. He has several other good series, also.

The other author I really like is Francine Rivers. She wrote a trilogy entitled, “The Mark of the Lion”. It is a gripping series. I can’t put it down once I start reading it.

I would highly recommend both of these. The Gilbert Morris books are a little easier to read. In fact, that series is on my wish list to own one day. I want Beanster to grow up and read them one day. I miss my reading time, but the Beanster time is so much fun (most of the time).

Well, I must look comfortable in my office chair….have a great evening everyone.

Stay curious, my friends.

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