I have a confession to make.


Okay, we’ve been down for a few days around our house. Weather changes seem to bring all the germs to a centrally-located space known as “our house”. I’ve been down for 4 and Beanster was down for 3. It’s Monday and we’re all perking right along now.

Well, today has actually been a continuing saga of the past few days. As I was so severely sick and not even wanting the sight of food or drink, I ended up not drinking coffee and coming down with a massive headache on top of the one that was already fever-induced. Between the Ibuprofen and the Aleve, it finally went away. I kept thinking to myself that I really need to get rid of things that aren’t helpful to my life. Let me digress for a moment: I LIVE for COFFEE! It gets me up in the morning. It keeps me going all day. It helps me make it to the finish line every evening. It’s my great comfort when I just want to have something familiar right there with me. Hot or cold. Always heavily fortified with evap milk and sugar. It can be blended, perked, dripped. It can be plain or flavored. I don’t care what country it comes from. I love it more when it’s on sale. It’s….wonderful.

So, the night of the election, it was my exit poll buddy. The next day, I went on a coffee drunk all day. Yes, a coffee drunk. That happens when you really can’t stand the sight of it anymore because you’ve had just that much, but you can’t quit drinking it, nor can you pry it out of your hands. Well, a day or so later I was sick as a dog coming down off the coffee binge. Nothing like cold turkey. The second day I was sick I thought, well, why not. Managed to spill half of it all over my night stand (which was covered in unopened mail, photos, and other junk that didn’t need to be there.) After cleaning that up with a pounding head, a fever sweat and a sick 2-year-old crying for me, I went back to bed and didn’t even manage to touch what was left in the coffee pot.

Deciding that I was too addicted to this wonderful substance, I have gone on a cold-turkey coffee-quitting spree…okay. Maybe “spree” is not the right word, but I’m in a fog so it doesn’t really matter that I can’t think of anything. Well, one thing I’ve realized is that without coffee my two-year-old is definitely a two-year-old! I have no filter or edit button, especially when I’m in the office alone and nothing is working. Let’s just say, I’m working hard to keep my mouth shut here at home. I’ve been trying not to think about coffee all day, but everytime I felt my eyelids droop and every single typo I’ve had to go back and fix on this blog (which is over 100 by now), I keep feeling the urge to go fix a pot.

Don’t get me wrong, I will drink it every now and then (and for those who know me so well, Starbucks cards are still great b/c I can get everything in DECAF!!!!), but knowing how grouchy I am without it has really put it in my head to stop. I don’t want to be controlled by a substance! It’s ridiculous to set my day by whether I’ve had my coffee fix or not. So, with that, I am confessing that I was ruled by the bean, enslaved by the ground, and seduced by the aroma.

Next….sugar. (after I eat all the brownies in the house!)

Peace and love, everyone!


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