And the beat goes on…

I think I’ve already titled one blog entry by that name, but it applies again. Anyhow, on to other things.


I decided in my clean-up melee that I could make Beanster a sticker album. Half of the stickers I’ve gotten for him (usually $1 sheets) have little albums with them. Well, the other day in the cleaning process I came across an old spiral notebook that had not been used. So, putting two and two together and actually coming up with four, we dragged out all the stickers I could find and started organizing them all.

Beanster’s sticker book.

I decided to divide it up and put little tabs on the side of the pages. Well, I’ve reorganized the office so much that I now have no idea where I put them. You know what’s funny? As I was typing that, I suddenly remembered where they are! Yea! I love how blogging triggers memories! Anywho, we divided it into several sections:

The “Wild Animals” page.
The “Transportation” section. One whole page is dedicated completely to race cars!
And, of course, no book would be complete without the “Sports” section!

To make this whole endeavor worthwhile, I did make it homeschool friendly! I used a few pages in the back to be completely for education. Yes, I said they’re in the back… I have one page where I put the alphabet in order. On the next page I randomly arranged them. He had fun picking out the letters he knows! There were a couple of letters that had a few copies in different colors, so he had even more fun searching around for the multiples! I could see those little eyelashes flicking around looking up, down, up, around for the matching letters. You could almost hear the wheels spinning.

Random alphabet!

We’ll add to it as time goes on. It was pretty cheap. I already had the spiral notebook. The stickers weren’t costly at all. And now I don’t have to buy new page tabbies! Yea! Three cheers for frugality! We’ve tossed the little albums in the give-away bag. No sense keeping those when we have our nifty yellow folder! All we need now is an awesome Green Bay Packers sticker to go right on the front of that beautiful yellow spiral notebook! Go Lambeau!

Have a great day, everyone. After all the hype and drama from yesterday, chill out, take in a movie (at home – no sense causing more drama with a two-year-old in a theater) and enjoy the family or friends that you so choose! Anywho, have a great evening! Peace and love!

How many times can you watch Wallleee until it’s not funny anymore? One…two… three…Three!

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