I voted!


As everyone is well aware, it’s Election Day! I studied my sample ballot and marked the “yes” or “no” bubble. I got my voter’s card and my driver’s license. I got Beanster all dressed up patriotically and we all loaded up in the car and went to the polls. I kept telling him we had to “go vote”. By the time we got to the polling station and got out of the car he was saying, “Go bote. Go bote.” Everyone thought he was so handsome. And he was. It was all we could do to hold him and mark our ballots without scribbling all over them! Let’s make a note to self for 4 years from now….strap him in a stroller! 🙂 One of the workers was even nice enough to give him an “I Voted” sticker!

Currently, we are watching the polls as they come in. Beanster doesn’t understand it all, but he does enjoy all the colors. I found a really neat worksheet for homeschool that has to do with elections. One is a map that you can color either red or blue, then there was an electoral vote page that you can write in how many votes each candidate gets for every state. Pretty neat. Here is the link (even though it’s a little late):


I even printed off a word search that was all the president’s last names. It must have been a little bit older, because it ended with Bush, Jr. Anywho, I got it off a homeschool website, I have no idea which one anymore, but that was the most difficult puzzle I’ve worked in a while! Whoever made that one was pretty crafty. It was one of those good ones that makes you think you’ve found the word in three other places, but none of them are right. It was fun. I finally finished it and realized I need to do those more often! I’m a little out of practice.

I was very happy today to see so many people expressing their right to vote. I may not agree with everyone politically, but everyone has the right to make their voice heard. I was also happy to see people I knew taking their kids with them, too, to experience voting! I think it’s a great hands-on lesson that they learn by watching.

Well, I’ll be needing a triple espresso to make it through to work tomorrow. I don’t know that I’ll be up for Hawaii’s returns, but I’m going to try to make it through to the bitter end! Have a great night everyone!

Peace and love!

Beanster and I at the polling station!

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