Lately, um, well…huh.


I found a craft the other day that I have been wanting to try. I have a few old shirts lying around the house that, um, don’t fit anymore or I just don’t wear anymore. It turned out pretty well.

Here’s the victim.

This shirt had a drawstring at the bottom, so when I cut it off, I turned it upside down.

I cut the strips about 5″ up and about 1/2-3/4″ wide.
The directions say to pull each strand. I didn’t know why until I tried it. It makes them curl up length-wise.
Here’s the finished product! The drawstring is great b/c I can pull it a little tighter than just the width of the shirt.

It’s light enough not to be heavy and it doesn’t have to constantly be thrown back over your shoulder!

Here is the link:

I have a long sweater that I love, but it looks absolutely terrible on me. My next chore is to find a craft to make with it. I know I saw a show on PBS one time called Borganic. There was a whole show on old shirts and sweaters. They have a lot of nifty ideas for recycling!

Here is the link to their website:


Well, there comes a time when you have to part with things. I know I’ve been ranting and dreaming about being a minimalist for quite some time now, but I found the perfect opportunity this week! A church I know will be heading to Central America for a mission trip that will be assisting an organization that helps children. They were asking for donations of clothes and children’s fever reducer.

I started going through Beanster’s stuff and realized that we were hanging on to a lot of things that we didn’t really need to. There are plenty of things we kept, like clothes from the grandmothers and things of that sort. You just can’t part with those! But I sorted through and culled about 7 or 8 paper grocery bags of clothes he had outgrown and didn’t really mean anything special. I also bit the bullet and put a lot of his shoes in there, too! Those little children in the area they are going are so poor and many don’t have decent or sufficient clothing a lot of times. There is absolutely no sense in hanging on to things that other children can use. We’ve had plenty of hand-me-downs given to us, so it would be pointless to hang on to all of that. If others can be generous to us, we can certainly afford to be generous to others. So, there is now 1 Space Bag worth of baby clothes and bibs and keepsakes. That’s nice, because there were 3, plus his dresser was overflowing!

Now, we’re on to my stuff. Obviously, I’ve found something to do with t-shirts!

Well, I suppose that is all for today. Just one more word: GO VOTE!!!! It is a privilege to live in a nation where you have that opportunity no matter how you feel about the electoral vote! We have many freedoms in this nation, and as a people we need to take full advantage of those and appreciate them! I have also stressed to my friends, neighbors, and family to think about your vote. Don’t just vote a straight ticket. Don’t just check “yes” or “no” on amendments. Read. Research. Think. Pray. Vote. I know there is an amendment in our state that I’m still unsure of how to vote. I’m still looking for the right answers and election day is tomorrow.

One thing I did not know is that some computers are changing votes and other things are happening. I discovered that you can follow your vote to make sure it gets recorded! If there is fraud, they say to take a picture of the vote (on the digital voting machines) and call the FBI Voter Fraud Hotline at 1.800.253.3931. In a nation where we have the right to vote, we are also fortunate enough to be able to make sure things like this are done correctly. Just a little info for those who didn’t know about all of this.

Go out and make your vote count!

Peace and love, everyone.


One thought on “Lately, um, well…huh.

  1. Your scarf turned out great! What a neat idea 🙂 Thanks for sharing. As for your sweater – I’ve seen cute mittens and purses made out of sweaters – I don’t have any links though, sorry.

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