Do I watch too much television?


I ask the question, because they say you are what you eat (I should be a bar of chocolate by now). Well, I just wonder if that applies to other things in life. I know I have too much stuff for the space we’re in. I have just pulled the jackets, coats, and sweaters out of the spare closet (mind you, it’s a closet from 1953, so it’s not very big…or even lit!). Now they are taking up too much space in the main closet. The main closet has all of our other stuff. In our current living situation, we have 2 rooms (one of which is the office/Beanster’s closet/spare closet/toy room/craft room/library) and most of my stuff for the kitchen is in a china cabinet in the living room. It’s pretty cramped quarters, but stuff always seems to NEVER have a home! We had 2 large storage units when we moved in here, along with all of our stuff. We are now down to 2 rooms and a very tiny shed (the kind you have to duck to get in to). I’ve lived in apartments that were nearly as big as this house and they were just for me!

So, if everything had a home, I would be feeling very Zen right now.

But it doesn’t. And I’m not.

I bought a watch two days ago. Only one dial works. Not cool. So, I started looking for the box it came in. Well, I knew it was in the main room, but so were all the jackets, coats, and sweaters. Well, after a very long search, I found the stupid box. Now I have to go find the receipt! I’m pretty sure I can find it in less time than that.

I just wrapped a birthday present for someone. I’m not too sure if they read the blog, so I can’t go into detail, but it’s fragile. Well, I had lots of plastic bags from Target that I used to put in the bottom of the gift bag to protect it, but I used lots of tissue paper to wrap each thing in. Then I had the perfect shades of tissue paper to stuff in the top of the gift bag. They’re all recycled, so I know that will be just fine with my environmentally friendly birthday person. The thing is, I’ve kept all bags and tissue since I got married, which wasn’t 20 years ago or anything, but I’ve kept it all. It started at our first wedding shower when Hubby started folding it all up nice and neat to put somewhere (like the trash), but he needed something to do around that big group of women. It looked so nice. I took a small gift bag and started adding to it all. A larger gift bag started holding other gift bags. Another little bag holds cool bows and ribbons.

So, I have too much stuff. I just wonder if watching Hoarders on A&E is starting to have an effect on me? I think not, because I have been donating LOTS of stuff to the donation centers. I think I’m pretty good and it’s merely a space/storage issue at this point, but I just have to sit back and think sometimes… am I what I watch?

Have a great night, everyone! Peace and love and prayers out for all those affected by the Hurricane and the blizzard in its wake.


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