1 thing down, 40 to go!

Well, I kept my word and got a down day on Saturday! I even flipped through one whole magazine! Yea! The bad news is that now we’re all coming down with a cold or two. That stinks. I had a lot planned for tomorrow, but I may just sip a lot of hot tea and read another magazine and try to keep warm! Beanster hasn’t been feeling too well, either. In fact, he hasn’t had much of an appetite, but he is eating, drinking, and doing a LOT of playing! Hubby is trying to lose his voice. We’re a sad lot, eh? We are going to bundle up and go look at the full moon in a little bit!


To do something even remotely educational, we watched a really neat video of Space Shuttle Discovery launching. It brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Launches are so beautiful!


It is only about 4 minutes long, so we’ve watched it several times. Beanster has learned the word “Awesome!” and has applied it several times. I hope and pray that there will still be a space program, if not NASA itself, when he goes to college and gets his engineering degree! No, I just think it would be wonderful if we still had the space program. I believe in science, just for science, itself. The day we stop learning and exploring as humans will be a very sad day, indeed. I think we are built with a nature that is consistently curious. We have always built, invented, sat around and tinkered, and somehow we launched ourselves into space. We have sent satellites into deep space to explore other galaxies! The pictures they send back are absolutely amazing!

A site I have enjoyed over the years is NASA’s APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). I can’t access the link right now, but if it comes back up, it is amazing to see all the pictures. Some of them are diagrams or artist renderings, but nevertheless, they are absolutely stunning!

Well, I feel like watching an episode or two of Stargate SG-1. Have a great night, everyone. Peace and love.

Sleep tight and dream of the stars!

2 thoughts on “1 thing down, 40 to go!

  1. We also love all those NASA pics and yeah there is something breathtaking about a launch, isn’t there? Enjoy that full moon. It was shining bright and beautiful here in Hawaii last night.

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