Let me catch my breath, please.


It’s funny how life just rolls along, then rolls right off a cliff. I feel kinda out of sorts lately, and being in “not my own home” has a lot to do with it. We finally got home, unpacked, and I’m trying to get everything else together now. However, I do have a brief recap of what all occurred on our whirlwind adventure.

We went to a reunion:

On a trail, hiking back to the gathering.

We went to a zoo:

Beanster watching one of the hippos blow bubbles. They put on a great show!!

We went out on a farm:

Beanster petting the horse named “Buddy”.

We went to see his quad cousins:

One quad was taking a nap, but Beanster ended up in the middle of them all at one point. He wasn’t sure what he was seeing four of, but he managed.

And the day after we got back, we went on a hayride:

Beanster and I on a hayride at a nature preserve.

It seems like I’m leaving something out. Oh well. Anywho, today was my first day to sit and rest. Beanster got a three hour nap, so I have a feeling we may be up for a while. It’s been enjoyable. I may actually go read one of those magazines that have been piling up!


Okay, so we’ve slacked, but we did do “K” last week. He wasn’t too keen on the colors. What was funny is that we were doing the color “grey” and I had downloaded a coloring sheet of an African Grey Parrot. We actually got to see one in real life at the zoo! That was pretty neat. He didn’t seem to notice, though.

Before I left, I managed to do several little letter booklets. I had found this packet on a homeschooling website that made a little booklet instead of “flashcards”. Well, when I was getting “K” together, I realized I didn’t have K-T! So, I just created some. We’re going to start the alphabet over again when we reach “Z”. We can use the booklets from the beginning then. He seemed to enjoy flipping the pages, as long as they had colors on them! We only have the black ink right now, so I get out crayons or coloring pencils. I like the markers better, but they bleed through the page so badly that I don’t use them for that. Oh well.

I found him a shapes/colors book while we were on our trip. His last one had movable parts and, oh my, did he manage to tear it up. This is a book that only the pages turn. He seemed pretty interested in it.


Well, the quilt is in the works. It is still up in the air whether it is going to be squares or rectangles, but they are already cut into 5″ strips. That was quite the accomplishment! So glad that part is done. Can’t wait to figure out the rest of it and get to work!


The lettuce bed is going above and beyond my expectations. Now that the temperature is dropping, perhaps it will really give it what it needs! The first crop only had one or two varieties come up, but the second one had several types and LOTS of them sprouted! The dill is doing absolutely fantastic. It’s not the giant-tall kind, but it is full and each plant has several little offshoots!

The zinnia put on 2 more blooms while I was gone. It’s so cool looking!

The flowers within the flowers.

I picked up some pinks (Dianthus) and some pansies at work one day. They are blooming like crazy. I even have them crammed so tightly together! I’ve never been able to grow them well, so maybe the mistreatment method is working!

Well, I guess that is enough to catch everyone up for now! I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! Peace and love.

Sleep tight!

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