About that much-needed rest…

Okay, so we’ve not rested at all. We have been going non-stop since we arrived 11 days ago. Wow. Has it really been that long? Today is that day to finish up all the projects we have not yet completed, get everything together that goes back with us and try to go to sleep a little earlier tonight.

We have been out of town 3-4 times to see people. We had people come visit us. We have run the roads, bought the groceries, surveyed the landscape at state parks, tried to upgrade a very slow computer, cut out strips of fabric for quilt blocks (yes, we have actually nearly finished cutting), done a little homeschooling inside, done a LOT of homeschooling outside, cooked like crazy, killed scorpions, and slept a little bit here and there.

We’re all very weary right now. I’m ready to sleep in my own bed for a while, ready to get back into my routine, clean all the pictures off my camera, but I’m seriously going to miss where I am. I’m ready to see the hubby, and Beanster is ready to be chased around the house by him, and we’re ready to see all our friends at church and at work.

If I got down to brass tacks, I would actually have to be honest and say that I am not going to rest until this weekend. *sigh* We had things scheduled back home that we are trying to get back home to do. But we’ve had a wonderful R&R week and a half. We’ve seen family, friends, gorgeous landscape, and reconnected with the things life is really all about. I have hardly even checked my e-mail. (I think I have 200+ to at least glance at when I get home, but that may have to wait for a few more days.) I think I will have to begin some sort of exercise routine to take off the weight of all the great food I’ve been eating since I’ve been here (unless the scale is just that wrong!).

Well, I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. There will be pictures before too much longer. Peace and love, everyone!


2 thoughts on “About that much-needed rest…

    1. We will do our best to be home safely. I’m just praying the 2-year-old attitude that has surfaced in the past few days will wear off and maybe a nice, long nap will ensue! He has been missing his little best friend, his dada, his babysitter…he’s ready to go home.

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