I’m back!

It has been one crazy week. Beanster and I have been getting ready for a big event and we have had so much to do. I get things ready, he undoes them all. “I help!” Yes, sir. It’s so sweet, though.

We got the other batch of free sod. He grabbed the hose this morning. “I help!” Yes, sir.

I try to make breakfast. “Beffus? I help!”


I am seriously hoping that things will slow down when we get where we’re going so that we can do some catch-up. He’s picking up so many new words every day that maybe, just maybe, he’ll pick up more individual letters, as well.

A friend of mine gave me a book they found for an entire year of 1st grade curriculum! They paid a whole whopping 99 cents! Ah! I only wish they would have had a Pre-K or Kindergarten series. The one good thing is that I do have the whole curriculum, so I can examine it and see just what it’s all about. If it’s really good, I may invest in the Pre-K!

A friend of mine and I got our kids together the other day for a playdate. I am always helping her in children’s church by cutting up stuff during class for the kids to work on, so I enlisted her to help me cut out some things for Beanster.

We’re going to be making gourds. I have 3 or 4 put together and we are going to put glue and glitter on them to jazz them up a bit.

A couple of our scrapbook-paper gourds.

Hobby Lobby had their scrapbook paper on sale this week for 50% off, so I loaded up on papers for fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and January (snowflakes). I also bought nearly every color of glitter they had for $1.49/each. We should be well-supplied!

The one thing we did study this week was “J” (jets). So, we took a little field trip to a base museum: Pensacola Naval Air Station. They have a wonderful display of planes, jets, helicopters, etc. There is memorabilia, model planes, model ships, and all sorts of things. There is even a moon-landing display upstairs. Beanster ran through there for about 5 or 10 minutes looking at all the stuff yelling, “Jets! Planes! Hugger! Jets!” A lot of people thought it was so cute. We couldn’t get him to calm down for a while. Then we saw the display of the Blue Angels. I think he was a tad bit disappointed that they weren’t flying.

Blue Angels display at Pensacola N.A.S.
Beanster and Dada at Pensacola N.A.S.

They have some simulators, but they also have front-ends of jets that you can get into and check out the cockpit, if you’re not claustrophobic!

Beanster and Dada in one of the front ends of a Blue Angels plane.

To say the least, we all had a good time. We did miss their big homecoming. I think it comes up in a week or two. Oh well. There were jets flying around overhead yesterday, so Beanster had a grand time pointing them out every time they flew overhead.

Well, I still have a million things to do tonight before tomorrow rolls around, so I will sign out for now. I will still be blogging throughout next week, but I’m not positive I will be able to post photos. I apologize in advance if that is, indeed, the case.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Peace and love.


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