It’s autumn, really?

It’s still hot during the day here, but it sure does feel wonderful in the evenings. I’m so excited that it’s fall! Finally! I wish I lived in a climate that allowed for more sweaters, scarves, toasted marshmallows, and other fun fall things (not to mention snow in winter).


I’ve tried to incorporate a few fall items in our craft section. This acorn craft turned out to be a little complicated for a 2-year-old. It is super cute and he got to spread some glue and sprinkle some glitter. Basically, what we’ve done is take 2 sheets of scrapbooking paper and cut a front and a back out. Then we switch the tops (or the bottoms, depending on your point of view) and glue them together. These are the cutest acorns!

Scrapbook-paper acorns.

In November, we’re going to make a turkey. I have it mostly cut out so far. I decided that for the feathers, we would throw in a few pieces of some of the scrapbook paper prints.

Soon-to-be turkey feathers!

We’ll see how it all turns out. Right now I have more acorns to cut out! Have a great day everyone!

Peace and love.

Fall Beanster pic.

2 thoughts on “It’s autumn, really?

  1. love the acorns! i was just thinking i need to decorate a little more . . . time to dig through the scrapbook paper! thanks for the fun idea . . . can’t wait to see how the turkey turns out!

    1. we have also made some gourds from scrapbook paper. these will be posted in the next few days. i almost like them better without the glitter i used, but they are still adorable!

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