Catch up time!


Let me just dive right in by saying that my child learns better in the early a.m. At night, he’s not motivated to do a whole lot except play. So, since our mornings have been strained lately, we’ve not gotten much done.

However, in order to make up time (I am a week behind), I decided to combine two lessons in one week. The great thing is that the letters are “I” and “J”! They look similar lower-case to such a young mind that hopefully seeing them side by side will help to differentiate between them!

We have some awesome coloring sheets to work on this week. I can’t remember which website I got them from, but I have several different pictures of numbers. One set resembles a nice paint job on a Hot Wheels type vehicle. That’s just what I think, but it should be fun to color.

Speaking of colors…my child does not like black and white pictures unless he is about to color with crayons on it. I had some “flash cards” that I had printed out for “G” and he showed ZERO interest in them. So, I found little booklet type flash cards for “I” and “J” and I spent some time coloring them in last night. We only have black ink right now, so crayons come in handy.

The crafts we’re doing are more seasonally related. This week we’re going to work on some Autumn leaves. The second craft this week is acorns. I think I may stop by Hobby Lobby and pick up some scrapbook paper that is brown and cut out the nut and the shell from different ones. It’s only about $.44/page for the 8.5″X11″. It should turn out super cute!


Gardening is so therapeutic sometimes. I especially think so since the new lettuce crop is coming up so well. The dill is even sprouting up a little more! I’m not sure what the cooler weather (thank God!) is going to do to them, but since they’re fall crops, I think they should do well. We’ll see. I never did get that kale planted, but then again, I was out of room. I did find a couple of old pots out back and I planted some petunias and some Dianthus that I picked up at work the other day. It’s nice having something blooming right now. My roses don’t bloom a whole lot, because I have not fertilized them in a while. I’m not sure if it’s too late to do that since they get cut back in just a couple of months. The chives are going to seed already, but there was only one bloom. I am trying to catch the seeds before they hit the ground so that I can sow them in the pot.

The new lettuce crop.


The other day, we had a great opportunity to go to a political “rally”. I took Beanster with me and got him all dressed up for the occasion.

Ready for the rally!

It wasn’t a long gathering, which was a surprise to me. The main speaker was Mike Huckabee. He is an excellent speaker and I truly enjoyed what he had to say. We weren’t anywhere near him, so I don’t know how different he looks than on television. One of the other speakers was Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL). Beanster and I took the opportunity to speak with him and get a photo.

Congressman Jeff Miller, myself, and Beanster.

It was a very exciting event. I’ve never been to anything like that before and I was a little nervous about what to expect. One of the funniest things that lightened my mood was when people told me they would vote for Beanster because he was just so handsome in his little bowtie!

I truly believe children should be well-educated regarding our nation’s founding, the founding fathers, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other such historically relevant information! Beanster is getting a great start. We’ve taken him with us to vote the last couple of times. Besides, children learn by example!

Beanster at the polls!

Here’s to a great week, everyone. Peace and love!

Sleep tight, everyone!

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