New recipe, new cuisine!


I tried a new recipe tonight that I got in a magazine this past week. I’m not much on Indian cuisine, but this was tasty! I was pretty excited about it, because it was so colorful and vibrant. It turned out looking like the picture, so I was pretty happy about that. I confess, that I was a little bit worried about it, so I cut back on the curry powder by half, along with the ginger (I used the powder). I think it was a little drier than theirs was, because it seemed like there was a broth in the bottom of their bowl. I may add more liquid next time.

It went over so well, though, that there was only a tiny bit left in the pan when it was all said and done.

Indian Chicken Stew.

For those who are curious, it was in a little cookbooklet from Better Homes and Gardens. Just as a side note, I did not put it in the slow cooker. I made it in a skillet on top of the stove and it turned out stupendously! Here’s the link for the actual recipe:


A friend asked me last night if I wanted some free sod. I was so excited! I haven’t had the funds to put grass out around Beanster’s play area, so this was an awesome solution and answer to prayer! We have that type of soil and foliage that doesn’t allow for grass to grow well. Fortunately, there are few spots of sunlight in the afternoon and his play area is one of them. I loaded down my car today with rolled up sod and headed home. Hopefully, we’ll get the dirt tomorrow to fill in and give the grass something to cling on to. It should be nice and lush next spring/summer, I hope.

Hope you have a great evening, everyone. Peace and love.


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