Busy, busy, busy!


I can’t believe how well the lettuce is doing! The first batch is looking very well and I’m so proud of it! The second batch is coming up by the dozens! They are starting to put on their secondary leaves already. Hopefully we can start harvesting some leaves for lettuce before too long. I’ve not had a garden-fresh salad before, so this should be good!

I had to take my sewing machine in to be repaired. I’m still not sure what the part is that’s broken, but it’s broken. I figure that since it is a quality item, it’s worth fixing. I’ve looked at a few new ones at the stores, but I just can’t bring myself to get a computerized one. I already have to take in the car for every little thing, because of all the electronics. So, we’ll see how well it works when I get it back.

On a funny note, I thought I was Mrs. Handywoman today. I went to Lowe’s and bought a part to repair out toilet. That little plastic handle broke on the inside of the tank. Well, I went all out and bought the one with the metal bolt inside. I got home and went to put it on. Seemed easy enough. Well, now you have to hold the handle down until it is finished flushing. You didn’t have to do that before…hm. Oh well. At least it flushes via the handle now.


This week was the letter “H”, which someone has not wanted to get into at all. I still think he wants his red notebook back. I may have to put everything in a 3-ring binder, then refill his red notebook! I think he’ll have fun with it once he realizes that “hugger” (helicopter) begins with “H”. I found a great coloring sheet with a rescue helicopter on it.

I dug through his pile of books. I found one of the first ones we ever bought and it was about “squares”. Timely! I also found one that is about the seasons. Since we just changed to fall (I can’t tell it outside), I thought it would be appropriate to study it.

I also printed out some leaf coloring sheets on construction paper. Pretty neat. I have red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves waiting to be cut out. I thought that was better than coloring them since we have a ton of coloring pages already.

Our color this week is “white”. Since there aren’t a lot of activities for that color, I decided to make the sheep we made in Children’s Church this past Sunday. The only thing different is that I used a little cake plate for the body. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Mutton on a platter.

I also was wanting to find some magnets that were numbers. We have the letter ones, but they don’t come with numbers unfortunately. I realized a few days ago that Beanster has two number puzzles. He got one several months ago, but then he got another one for his birthday. I took the old one and put magnets on the back of each piece. I think he likes them.

Beanster’s new number magnets.
Wooden number magnets.

We found something new to do for P.E. class. I found a ball and bat set at the Dollar General on sale. I think I paid about $.75 for it. We took it out in the yard yesterday and we found out quickly that he’s not going to be a fantastic pitcher any time soon. He did, however, learn to toss the ball up in the air a couple of inches and hit it! That was amazing to see! It took me forever to learn to hit a ball. Don’t tell dada, but I think he needs a batting tee. I think it should be easy to make out of a piece of plywood and a piece of PVC pipe.


I’ve decided on something. I have a few pieces of fabric that I was going to make one thing or another for Beanster with. I’ve decided against that. Once I get the sewing machine back, I think I’m going to make him a quilt. Today at Hobby Lobby, I bought some fabric that was on sale. I only purchased 1/8 yd. of each piece, but one was Thomas the Train, one was red and white tablecloth print with ants on it, one had baseballs, and one had soccer balls. I’m torn about what pattern to use. I’ve done 4-patch and I’ve done random where you just sew a bunch of squares together. I think a 9 patch would be fun to do. I will probably (don’t quote me on this) get some solids or small prints to accent the major prints that I am working on. Basically, it’s just things that he likes and recognizes in the patterns. I can’t wait to get my machine back!

I am looking for patterns to make the Christmas ornaments with. I have all the felt that I was blessed with last week. I want to do an owl first, then I’ll make trees, mice, and things of that sort. If I can just find the time…


Well, it’s been a hit-or-miss week with the cooking. I made some chicken-potato-leek soup the other day. Obviously, it wasn’t as good as I thought it was. It’s still in the refrigerator. I made chicken and dumplings two days ago. Once again, not as good as I thought. I seem to be the only person eating it. Oh well. More for me!

Chicken-potato-leek soup. YUM!

I did have a win on the pancakes this week, though. I made the pumpkin pancakes for breakfast the other day and there wasn’t a single one left! Yea! Of course, now I’m out of pumpkin, eggs, milk… I will have to get creative tomorrow morning.

I bought some kale today at work, along with some apples. I found a recipe a few months ago for a “slaw”. This time I am going to blanch the kale just a bit, because it was super tough to chew up. I think blanching may soften it up a bit. It was a great “slaw”, just tough. I hope it will be better this time.
I also bought celery. Does anyone else love Waldorf Salad as much as I do? I can’t get enough of it when I make it! Yum! Sometimes a fresh salad just hits the spot.

Hope you have a great evening, and here’s to wishing for cooler weather! Peace and love, everyone!

Beanster dragging out all his winter hats. We’re all ready for cooler weather!

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy!

  1. Haven’t read this yet, but I just wanted to ask: Do you notice how you have to teach more than you planned just to be able to teach what was planned? Geez. I didn’t realize how the basics were more basic than I remember them being.

    1. Yes. It’s almost the opposite end of the spectrum to teach. Yet, it’s quite similar. What amazes me is the work that people have put into teaching methods! There are several different learning types, and to have a system for each of them is quite a daunting task. I’m not sure what type of learning style Beanster has, but I’m sure we will find out soon. He definitely enjoys hands on. I have also noticed that he has picked up on things that are audible, too. He has learned quite a bit from some iPhone apps and SuperWhy, along with a few other PBS shows. So, starting from there, we progress. Onward!

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