I want to be a minimalist.

Where has the week gone, let alone the year? That’s exactly why I want to hurry and try to reach some goals before the year is over. I started a blog, so now I can blog about all the rest of my goals, eh? 🙂

Well, this has been the most “off” week I’ve had in a while. I haven’t done a bit of homeschool, but to confess, I did just find his notebook yesterday. Ahem. I put it somewhere that I would find it. Well, you know how that goes.

I didn’t get in more hours at work, either. Beanster and I had just about had enough of each other by the time we left there today. We both acted like 2 year olds.

I got the car washed, but I didn’t get it all cleaned out or vacuumed. In other words, the outside got cleaned.

I sorted the laundry this week, but I have yet to wash it. I gave a thought to cleaning the bathroom, but that didn’t happen, either. I had a list of things I was going to do and I haven’t really done any of them. Where did my week go? I had to have done something useful with my time, didn’t I?

One thing I did do was spend quality time with Beanster. Every single time I’ve been in the kitchen, he’s been right there, underfoot! So, I have let him whisk some dry ingredients and get a couple of things off the lower level of the refrigerator. I have asked him to put things in the trash or the recycling. I have let him help with laundry by putting his washcloths in his basket (I guess I did do at least one load). And we had a really great earth science lesson at the beach the other day.

Yesterday I blogged about all the financial/legal goals I would like to accomplish sooner, rather than later. Where is that list of things to do….

Secretly, I want to be a minimalist. I hate having stuff without a home. I can’t stand having to constantly move things around to put something else down. Truth be known, we don’t have a lot of space and we’ve shed about 1/2 of our possessions. We still have stuff. Plus, we have a 2-year-old who has stuff. So, it’s not just his and mine. It’s his, mine, and Beanster’s.

I drool over “small apartment decorating” books that have spaces the size of a bathroom shower and everything is tucked away somewhere and it’s location is not unknown, nor is it under a pile of something else. I really have worked hard to be more like that. I know that my hubby would laugh if he heard that. He laughed when I said I was a minimalist at heart. Okay, so I’m a dreamer. I just hate having all this “stuff”! They didn’t used to back in the day, so where did it all come from?

Here’s a few things I know or have thought about:
1. Houses now are twice the size of what they were 50 years ago.
2. There is so much commercialism, etc., that we are trained to think we need more more more to fill up our double-sized homes!
3. We don’t really need more stuff.
4. I don’t think there was that much junk mail 50 years ago.
5. People fixed things, reused things, did without because they just didn’t need new things.
6. Saving money was a foundational belief, not just a hope.
7. I am nothing like my father…

My dad, if he weren’t cremated, would be rolling in his grave at some of the things I have done with my money. He was very thrifty. Very….thrifty. I don’t think I can stress just how thrifty he was. I, ashamedly, got into credit card debt a few years ago. You can really dig that trench fast! Well, a nice little bank loan took care of that. Then that got paid off. I still don’t have a credit card!

Then, I had a child. Well, we didn’t buy a bunch of stuff you don’t really need. We bought a crib and dresser set; we were given a swing, a pack-n-play, and a highchair. We were given more clothes than any one child really needs. We were given toys. It was unreal. What we didn’t get was a bunch of stuff that’s “nice to have”, but “doesn’t really do anything but take up space”. I’m glad we opted to go light on that stuff. We still have all the other stuff that we were given.

But now, he has more things. Wow, I’ve really had trouble not buying him books and learning things. I can justify a lot of things. Books are one of them. He has more books than I do right now. Part of my dream house is a room completely full of shelves. Some for books, some for those picture frames that don’t hang on the wall. And one shelf for knickknacks.

I do want to be a minimalist, believe me, but it sure is hard. The goal is noble, to be sure. It just requires strength to walk by that $1 rack at Target and say, “Beanster has enough books for now.” Wow. Hard to say.

I guess I should go get one off the shelf and read it to him, eh?

Peace and love, everybody!


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