What a day this has been…


Sunday, my child woke up at 6:30. We were early to church and I felt so great about the following day, because if he gets up early, he’ll go to bed early. Right? Not necessarily. Monday, we overslept and were woken up by a phone call from GG. So, we had 45 minutes to get completely ready. Now, breakfast takes 30 minutes for someone to eat, not including cooking time. Well, today was a great day off and someone was up at 6:30 again. So much for sleeping in. Oh well.

Well, the cake was fantastic yesterday (and today). It was even better after it cooled off. When the chocolate cools off, the paprika comes through more. Well, I guess I should have added another couple of shakes or else I’m getting used to the taste of it and didn’t notice it. Anyhow, it was so tasty! I’ve about made myself sick of chocolate. I never thought I’d hear myself say the words….

Today, well, it started off okay. I make some super scrumptious pumpkin pancakes. Basically, it’s the same recipe with about 1/2 can of pumpkin in it. I did have to add some milk to thin it out a little, because it puffed up so much and was so thick that the middle wasn’t getting done. After that, they were perfect. We always use maple syrup on our ‘cakes.

Beanster going for the syrup.

I had also planted the last of the lettuce seeds the other day and I got a great surprise this morning! My guess, as you can see, is that I planted the other ones too early, even though it was later than the package said. Now, it’s super late, but look at the results!

The new crop of baby lettuce.

And my Mexican Petunia put out more blooms than it ever has at one time – ELEVEN!

Mexican petunias.

Then I drove off on errands and had someone point to the roof of my car and then coffee started pouring from the heavens….*sigh*. It got better after that…


Here are some of the pictures that I took at work yesterday of our produce that is coming in:

Cinderella pumpkins.
Peanut pumpkins.
Cinderella, Cheddar, and Ghost pumpkins.
Gigantic gourds.
Indian corn.

Fall is definitely in the air!

I hope everyone has a great evening. Peace and love, everyone.


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