Beanster, onward!


Yesterday was another “science” day. I guess it was along the line of biology. We went to the local farm and fed chickens, played with the dog, and watched the turtles. For some reason, Beanster was fascinated with the turtles! There were 3 of them, but he really enjoyed the one that stayed in its pool of water. Maybe it was just so hot out that he was wishing he was in there with him!

Beanster watching turtles.

He also got to feed the chickens and he had so much fun! I think he enjoyed watching them eat more than he did tossing them their feed.!

Beanster and Ruby keeping an eye on the “bok-boks”!

We’re working diligently on our craft for this week. I had been saving scraps of construction paper for this week. We are making a “stained glass” window. Last night Beanster had a great time putting the pieces down on the glue I had put down on the piece of cardboard we are using as the back. If I would have been thinking clearly, I would have glued the wax paper to the gothic arch (also construction paper), but I didn’t even think about it. I did it tonight. Hopefully tomorrow we will glue that arch to the piece with the construction paper bits. I’ll post a pic when we’re done.

Another way that I thought about doing it was to make two arches, two pieces of wax paper, and tissue paper (you know I have plenty). We’ll just glue the tissue paper directly to the wax paper (it dries clear) and the glue the two pieces of wax paper together. That will be a cute ornament to put on the tree as a little memory of our first year of “pre-homeschooling”.

I also re-arranged our office/classroom/craft room today. I had help this time, because I needed someone with a cordless drill/screwdriver. I was able to move his “desk” over against another wall where a lot of his color chart pictures are and I ended up putting my old keyboard on it. Right now he’s having more fun running his cars across the speakers than he is in banging on the keys in some minor chord crash and bang. I just want some corner that is completely dedicated to his learning. In the small space we’re in, it takes creativity and a lot of shelving to accomplish that!


Well, I finally got around to planting those other lettuce blend seeds. The original batch isn’t very tall and not many varieties came up. I guess some last longer in a package than others. The dill is still moving along. I took a picture of it the other day.

The herbs are surviving!

I planted some zinnia seeds and something else (which never came up) back in the late spring/early summer. I finally have 1 zinnia! I’m so proud of it.

The one zinnia for the year!

Obviously, I am not the world’s greatest at growing flowers, eh?


I have a two-year-old. And is he ever acting his age! I’m not exactly sure what is going through his head lately, but he has this thing where he has to repeat himself over and over and get louder and louder. All the while, you’re trying to get a word in edge-wise, but he just keeps interrupting you! I don’t understand what this behavior is. Is he OCD? Is he so excited he just can’t stop saying whatever it is? For example, tonight we were going to watch a Veggie Tales movie. The intro logo came on with Bob and Larry and all he could say was “BobLare, BobLare, BobLare? BobLare!?” I couldn’t even tell him, “Yes, that’s right.” He repeats so many things over and over. I am believing that it is just a learning phase. He has always practiced things over and over to get them right. He experiments all the time, too. I think he’s just so happy that he can use real words that he uses what vocabulary he has just to get his point across. I think the lack of adjectives and adverbs is replaced by repetition and volume!

The other thing he does is NOT ask for stuff. He stands there while you’re not looking at him. What you don’t see is that he’s standing there, stiff-limbed, face turning red because he can’t reach or get something that he wants. Suddenly, and without warning, there is this piercing scream! Scares the life out of you every single time! I just tell him every time that he needs to ask for what he wants instead of yelling and screaming.

Other times, like right now, he’s so into his Hot Wheels and is getting into things, but in an exploratory manner. Give him 5 seconds and he’ll be into something he’s not supposed to, but he is curious, and usually quiet about it. Well, okay, so he got bored with that. Now he’s playing with some Sesame Street dominoes, until he hears me typing and then it’s all over…*sigh*

My productivity is at a low right now. It bums me out because I had such an awesome week and weekend of getting stuff done and arranged and thought of. These past couple of days have kinda put a crimp in my “get up and go”. Maybe I’m just tired. If someone would go to sleep before 11 p.m., that might help things out.

That’s another thing…you try something and it works for a couple of times, then it quits working. The other night he wouldn’t go to sleep. So, I turned off the light and tried watching my 1 of 2 programs on television. He wouldn’t quit squirming and wallowing around. So, then I turned off the television. I held him and it wasn’t five minutes until he was asleep. Tried it again a couple of nights ago. It took 10 minutes. Tried it last night. It took…2…hours…. Okay, 2.5….

He’s smart and he knows exactly what’s going on. He can see through a tactic quicker than anybody! The other downside to this is that he sleeps in now. We don’t wake up until 7:30 or 7:45 now. We have to be at daycare not too long after that. I like to be up, moving, and out the door by a certain time, but when you’re kept up by a little someone until all hours, well, early is not in the dictionary. Right now it’s time to go night-night and someone is wide awake.

He’s just so peaceful when he sleeps.

Beanster sleeping on the job.

Ah, to sleep like a baby.

Well, we have a lot to do in the morning and someone needs to be coaxed into sleepytime (and it’s not me)! I hope everyone has a great evening. Peace and love, everyone!


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