I’m calling it Fall cleaning….

Well, it’s nearly autumn and we’re just now getting around to our spring cleaning. I don’t really want to believe we’re that far behind, so I’m calling it fall cleaning. The hubby went to town today cleaning on our room and everyone else kind of took a room and worked on it. My room was the office. You won’t believe the things you can accomplish when you can see the top of your desk! I found all the bills, all the “to do” lists, all the shopping lists, and the stuff to be shredded…and it’s nearly all filed away! Well, the stuff to be filed is in the “inbox”. The envelopes are all together and ready to be mailed out. The files are all backed up on the hard drives. A “pantry staples” list has been started and some paperwork that needs to be done on a weekday is right in front of me! I had to dump the shred bin because it was just packed full. It’s hard to believe how much junk mail comes through on a weekly basis! It’s time to clear the clutter and move on!

Beanster has been such a good boy today. For the most part he’s stayed out of the way, but I notice that he’s come in and pulled out about 4-5 pieces of Lincoln Logs with every trip. I suspect, by the math, that there are probably about 40 pieces out there on the living room floor.

The reason he’s playing with them so much is because he doesn’t pay attention to things in drawers. I had a dresser that someone had given me in the office/playroom. My dresser bit the dust a few months back. I finally decided that I needed it worse than he did. So, I cleaned out the 4 drawers and all the blocks of all kinds went into one big paper grocery bag. Slowly and steadily, he’s clearing it out.

The shelf finally gave way on one side today in the office, so the hubby had to come put a new bracket on. Works great, but I think I’m just going to put paper on it for now….just to test it out. I trust his work, I just don’t know about the bracket… 🙂

It’s been a very productive afternoon, especially after the nap. We’ve watched football (“guh-guh-bow”, in Beanster-speak) all afternoon and right now my favorite pro team is losing horribly on their own turf. Well, since we’ve gotten so much done, I guess it’s all going to even out in the wash. Speaking of…I need to go check the dryer.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is Monday! It’s going to be a great day!

Peace and love, everyone.

Beanster on the piano at church this morning….after service.

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