Chaos and peace in the house!

Ah, I love having a two-year-old! Everything is so simple and carefree and peaceful and …NOT! He’s such a cutey pie sometimes, but then at other times, well, that’s another story. Actually, it’s today’s story.

We started out this morning with a shredded project (which lasted all of less than 5 minutes in his hands) and ended the day with a Superman stunt. We’ve worked hard all day and he did stay busy while I scrubbed down the kitchen today. We found some things he hadn’t played with in a while and he had the best time. He even pretended he was cooking breakfast right along with me on his little kitchenette! It’s so cute!

We’ve been searching out ways to cut our expenses and one has really been nagging in the back of my head for a while. I finally got around to doing it today and I snagged the opportunity while it was there. It just really stinks when you’re trying to sort out auto insurance, you’re trying to hear the representative on the phone, your phone is about to die, and you have a two-year-old that wants to defy gravity! I finally got it all done and now he’s back to being a good little bean. It just gets so hectic and crazy all of a sudden and then a child jumps into the fray and makes what you’re doing 10X harder.
Here are some observations from today alone:

1.) Well, did you know that while you are doing the most important thing of the day, a two-year-old can sense it, cross the entire house looking for you, then try to jump off the table like a frog and expect you to catch them? Yes!

2.) Did you know they can also sense productivity and cause a ruckus in another part of the house that makes you get up and go over there to see what all the commotion is and why dada is upset! Yes!

3.) They can also seek new life and new civilizations under the couch….*sigh*

4.) Did you know that beans get rotten when they have too much Grandma time? Yep.


Here’s a picture of the “seasons” plate that used to have a top plate on it:

I ended up cutting part of the top plate and putting it on the back and putting a magnet on it. Now it is just going to be turned with the correct season on top. I turned out neat and it was supposed to look like the one from yesterday, but first thing this morning, somebody was looking at it, grabbed a corner of the top plate, and….shred! I should have known it would end that way, but I had not yet had my coffee, so I wasn’t thinking straight…

We may make some more and put something on the back instead of putting the front plate on. I want to make one with different weather on it so maybe he can start getting a better grasp on things; i.e. – sunny, windy, raining, snowing (ha ha ha), and possibly even have a moon on it for nighttime.

We have done so little on our homeschooling for this week that we may just continue it next week. I never did really get it completely finished like I wanted to and after having company all week, we didn’t successfully learn a single thing. I guess I need to put more focus on it and work around it more. That’s where a schedule would really come in handy.


I am still continuing to work on my goals list. I spent all morning in the kitchen, whether cooking or cleaning, and then I made dinner. In between there was a nap and play time outside. I haven’t really gotten a whole lot done on the list. One of my goals is to finish the list!

I did notice that I got some things done that I had been wanting to do, so maybe just starting the list is ramping up my motivation, eh? That would be nice.

I still haven’t fixed my sewing machine, yet, but some more progress has been made in other areas, so I call it a win. I need a few wins this week.

I tried the flea repellant today. Um, the jury is still out. If it comes down to the fact that it doesn’t work, we’ll just use it as mosquito repellant. It has most of the same ingredients.

I know I can’t do this all on my own….


Sometimes I just stare at the chaos around me, whether it’s personal, in my household, or in the world. It’s easy to forget that I can’t do it all. I always think I can and then the disorder and mayhem around me proves me instantly wrong. You could say I need a schedule, but I’m enjoying the freedom of being away from a clock and a schedule for the first time in my life. I’ve always been down to the minute and it’s been pleasant knowing that just because it doesn’t fit into a 5-minute increment doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Sometimes it’s just that few minutes after waking up from a nap and snuggling with a Beanster. Sometimes it’s just sitting in a chair, enjoying some time at the end of the day with a family member you haven’t seen in a while. Conversation isn’t always necessary. Productivity isn’t always best.

Rest. Relax. Take some time. Find peace. The Bible says to “be still and know that He is God”. How often do we really slow down? Honestly. When was the last time you looked at the beauty of a leaf, enjoyed the cool breeze on a hot day and thanked God for it, paused to hear a bird calling out. When was the last time you admired the symmetry of a piece of furniture and the craftsmanship it took to build it, took a few minutes and appreciated the gleam of a clean car and a job well done.

When was the last time that you looked at the world as a child does? Grasshoppers, bugs, birds, fish, leaves, rocks, sunlight on the floor…it’s all so fascinating. We can see it, notice it, and walk on by, But sometimes we just need to stop for a second or two longer and appreciate it for what it is. Breathe deep and move on.

I like schedules and planners, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to stop and think and reorganize yourself. Ahhh. I hear a cup of hot tea and a magazine calling my name!

Peace and love, everyone, and have a great night!


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