I thought it was the weekend already….

Well, turns out it’s only Wednesday. I could have sworn today was Friday. I thought the week was going awfully fast! Oh well. That gives me more time to get some things done, eh?


I successfully cleaned out my pantry last week and organized it. It’s amazing the things you run across and find 3 of! It’s been so pleasant just opening the doors and seeing what’s there! My dream is to have a walk-in pantry one day with lots of shelves for canned goods and a big shelf to store my bulk items and a lower shelf for those appliances you need, but just don’t use that often. One day…

I also began my “goals” list! Yes! It’s not completed and I haven’t started a “life goals” page yet, but it is broken down into: daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, 6 months, and yearly. It’s not in order, but just my thoughts written down as I came up with them.

I also began a walk-through of the house (on my weekly goals list) and started a shopping list. Found out we’re going to need a few things and I am going to get them before I go to the store and THEN find out we need things. I think it will really help me keep up with the entire house, and not just a few parts of it.

The war on fleas is working! Between the vacuuming, dog washing, diatomaceous earthing, and killing fleas in general, we are successfully ridding ourselves of them. I found out that the earth dries out the flea eggs and keeps them from hatching! So, it’s more of a long-term thing and it’s safe for the dog and Beanster! I bought the other two essential oils for the flea repellant yesterday. My one concern is that the mosquito spray called for Witch Hazel and this only called for distilled water. I’m not sure water is what I’m truly needing, so I am going to research it a little bit more. I have everything I need, so we’re going to give it a whack today.

The lettuce bed really enjoyed all that rain we’ve gotten AFTER the hurricane…. Yes, we got only an inch for the storm, but we’ve gotten nearly 2 since then! The dill is also there, still perking along. Everything has its secondary leaves now. I will probably plant the lettuce this weekend. I’m not sure what the time spacing is in between plantings to get a continual crop.


Mom was making those little pine cones out of old greeting cards. We had looked all over the place the other day for the flower punch and we were quite unsuccessful. She gave me her leftovers and I may just trace off a pattern. We’ll see how much effort that takes, eh? Anyhow, she also passed along a few of the foam eggs.

I am going to try to make some felt Christmas ornaments, I believe I may have mentioned that in an earlier post, and I finally found some of those little tiny beads that hold sequins on. Now, I just have to find the right colors of felt and a few good patterns and go to town! I want to do an owl first! I am in love with those retro owls! I think I was born in the wrong decade….sorry, mom.


Since we’ve had company for the past couple of weeks (which has been so much fun!) we haven’t been as diligent in our lessons as we could have been. I have sent him off with his schoolwork everyday. He points out the pictures and I found little “flash cards” that I printed off and cut out so he has some to look at that begin with the letter of the week.

He doesn’t seem to be as interested in numbers as I thought he would be. He’s got a little engineer’s brain, because he takes everything apart and puts it all back together. Maybe numbers will be more fun later. I’m trying several different routes to find something he enjoys in order to get the number concept down.

I also bought the paper plates yesterday! I am going to try to make some of those little spinning things like I was talking about. I made a trial run yesterday. Since Beanster’s GG is leaving tomorrow, I thought I’d make a little something. I learned very quickly that you aren’t supposed to cut out an entire piece of “pie”. *sigh* You have to leave room for the hole punched to put the brads in.

Here are a few pictures of it:

More things to collect dust at GG’s house!
There were two dogs that GG babysat while she was here. A great reminder!
Beanster had a thing about “blue cars” this week.
He also had fun throwing balls to the dogs!

If I would have had them, I would have put on some firetruck stickers because he LOVES firetrucks! I did make a slice with some bug stickers, too. He loves “buggies”.

The steps are pretty easy.
1. Get two paper plates, markers (and whatever else you want to decorate with), and a brad.
2. Find the center of the plate (I used a ruler and a pen). Mark of however many sections you want; i.e. – slices of pie.
3. Color your heart out! Apply stickers, etc.
4. Punch holes in the center of both plates.
5. Cut out a slice on the top plate, leaving the tip of the slice on the pie in order to connect it.
6. Put the brad through and spin away! Super easy-peasy!

We’ll see what else we can do this week with those. I may try a number thing in order to work on that concept, eh?

Well, we need to get moving. Have a great whatever today is! Peace and love, everyone!


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