I’m pretty sure there’s a name for this.


I’ve been in a seriously crafty mood today. I made my mom’s birthday card. I could have bought one and I had intended to do so, then I thought I could make one. Then I thought Beanster could help me make one. Then I thought against that because I’m just too tired to deal with all the glue and glitter. I think it’s a cute card, though. I got Beanster to trace his hand off on the inside, though, as a signature.

He did point out the nose and the eyes. He loves the wiggly eyes that we’ve been using on things lately!


I bought some paper plates today to work on that homeschool/craft stuff. I hope we can got at least one done tomorrow. I would like to do colors or things that start with the letter “G”. I will have to post a picture when I get one finished.


One thing I need to do is get a list for daily/weekly/monthly goals. I keep seeing these lists on other blogs and they actually have things marked out on theirs. I like it when things get checked off a list! I have one project that has slipped my mind for about 2 weeks. I need to dig it out of whatever pile it’s in and get working on it. I gave myself a year to finish the first part of it. That was a pretty liberal goal, I think.

I also keep reading that “highly effective people” have goal lists. They have each thing they want to accomplish, whether it’s getting laundry done or building a multi-billion dollar industry in their backyard written down someplace visible that they see every single day. They have higher percentage rates of accomplishment! I need to do that, also. Goal #1? Complete the crazy thing!

The biggest problem is finding the time. I have some instant-dry (60 second) nail polish and I don’t even have time to do that! I think I’m going to move it here into the office and do it before I start blogging! Plenty of dry time! I guess that’s my biggest pet peeve for management. I like to multi-task and I often find times that I could have done some quick thing that takes lots of time before starting a ton of other little projects while I’m waiting on the first one; i.e. – the laundry. You can get so much stuff done while laundry is washing! I often forget to get it started. I like to have multiple things going so I can free up time later.

One thing I always try to remember when I’m multi-tasking is a set of words my father spoke often: “Slow down or you’ll make dumb mistakes!” I was always in a rush to get homework done and I would miss a plus or a minus in a geometry or algebra problem that he would find when he checked my homework. It was usually because I was in a rush.

So, I take my time and concentrate on the task at hand so that I know I did it completely and so that I can remember where I laid it down!

One of my organizational sicknesses is gift wrap. Okay, maybe it’s a tissue paper fetish. I have them all organized by color in a gift bag that is in a bigger gift bag filled with folded gift bags and another gift bag full of ribbon….

I think there’s a name for this. Yeah, it’s sad, but I knew immediately that I didn’t have any pink tissue paper when my hubby’s cousin was having her baby shower! Now, I don’t know where I’ve put it…it’s somewhere. I guess I’ll add that to my new goal list that I shall be creating before too much longer.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day tomorrow! Peace and love!


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