Night, night!

Today has been the perfect day for a nap. We’ve washed loads of clothes, bedcovers, and pillows today. We’ve worked on puzzles. We’ve cooked dinner and dessert (which we have yet to eat), and we’ve given a dirty Beanster an emergency bath. (That diaper was one for the record books!)

A clean Bean!

That nap today must have energized me! That….and a cup of coffee.


Well, we had a bit of a flea problem and we all hit the problem head on this week since we’ve all been home from the Hurricane. The dog got bathed, treated, clipped. The floors got sprayed and we put down some diatomaceous earth in the bedroom. We washed and dusted everything. We scrubbed the bathroom, just because. It seems that when you get one flea, suddenly, there are billions!

Some of us took a nap after that. And boy, did we sleep. I didn’t know the world was turning!

Tonight for dinner I made some awesome soup! I got it out of a magazine, but I jazzed it up.

White Bean, Spinach, and Beef Kielbasa Soup
1 beef Polska Kielbasa
2 cans navy beans (or white bean of your choice), drained
1 can drained spinach (or 1 bag fresh chopped baby spinach. I recommend the fresh stuff.)
a few stalks of celery
1 onion
a few cloves garlic
S & P
about 3 T. baby rice flakes
4 white creamer potatoes (or 4 small potatoes), diced
1 T. veggie bouillon
your judgment on Parmesan/Romano

Dice up the sausage in a large pot. Add diced celery and onion and saute’ until nearly tender. Add garlic. Toss in cans of beans and spinach and add water to cover, and then some more water. Add basil, S & P, and creamer potatoes. When it comes to a boil, add in the bouillon. After it has boiled a while and the potatoes are tender, add in the rice flakes. Taste to see if it needs more S & P. When it is nearly done, shake in the desired amount of cheese. (Since everything is in a can, nearly, it should only take about 1/2 an hour or so.)

I think a stronger cheese would have been better, like a goat cheese. I also think it would have made a great blended soup, too! I may try that next time. I also think some shredded carrot would be good in there, too, for some more color.

White bean, spinach, and beef kielbasa soup.

I made a pan of cornbread to go with it and it turned out perfect! My grandma would have been so proud! Her recipe is so good! I also made a peach cobbler according to her recipe. Yum! The peaches this year have been so good, no matter what part of the country they’re from. The Pennsylvania peaches have been the best in my opinion!

I guess the cornbread was good! It’s nearly gone.

About that cobbler….One day my poor hubby came home and I was a mess of tears. I was sobbing. I told him immediately that there was nothing wrong with Beanster, because by the look on his face, I knew that was where his thoughts first went. I usually don’t fall apart in the kitchen. Anywho, I had LOST, L-O-S-T my grandma’s cobbler recipe and anyone who would have had the recipe has passed away, and my mom didn’t have it because she doesn’t really like to cook. I was in shambles! I threw out recipes I knew I’d never use in order to have fewer recipes to search through.

Speaking of hurricanes…I was packing up stuff the other day and I went through a stack of papers, and LO AND BEHOLD!!!! There it was in all its glory! My grandma’s recipe had surfaced! That was 5 days ago and this is my second peach cobbler since then! Ah, God is good!

That is about all I’ve done today. I guess it’s back to work tomorrow and another load of clothes the day after that. At least most everything has been done around the house and we may be able to take it easy for a while. We do have a few things to put back out in the yard since the storm is gone.


Here’s the picture of the fish that I promised you yesterday:

Beanster colored it and even put on some of the glue and the glitter!

You know, this week he has busted out with at least 5 new words: mouse, house, diaper, car (after all this time), storm, storm surge (“dorm urch”), wind, and it seems like there are a couple more. Oh yes, “thank you” is now “dake you”! So cute! “Please” is “bees”.

Hurricane Isaac:

Our prayers go out to the folks in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, along with all the states that are being affected by flooding. We’re on the coast and we’ve been through it before so we understand your pain right now. We’ve been watching the Weather Channel in amazement. It’s hard to believe that just a few miles down the road, there have been numerous tornado warnings today! It’s so odd how hurricanes circulate things over and over one certain area. It’s so sad to see all that flooding. Of course, when a storm like that moves at a whole 5-6 mph, it’s believable. Here in our town, we got very little rain, but we’ve gotten plenty of wind. I couldn’t believe how much worse the wind was today than yesterday. Like I said, odd. The hubby even got sent home from work today. He said that as he was leaving, the tornado sirens started going off. I’m so thankful he made it home safe!

Peace and love, everyone. Night, night!

P.S. – I don’t know if it’s every university, but the Longhorns have a post on Facebook saying that tomorrow (Friday) is College Colors day! Hook ’em horns!


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