The house is so organized now, it’s unreal! There’s nothing like a hurricane to get you incredibly motivated to get every single piece of paper in its home. There’s nothing like a hurricane to get you sorting through stuff to find out what is most important and what could be blown away without your feelings getting too terribly hurt! It really makes you get down to brass tacks! The one thing that I did notice in my hurricane prep pictures is how unorganized it all looks, even though it is. I need to work on the aesthetics of the office/classroom/craft room!

It also got my pantry cleaned out! I found things I’d been looking for and things I had 3 of because things just get…put away wherever.

I moved all my plants in pots the other day, especially all the ones that were important to me, like the palm I got at my dad’s funeral. Stuff like that. Everything got watered really well. According to my little water gauge, we only received 1.5″ of rain over the past two days. Oh well. It was just enough. I was really afraid that the wind was going to do some damage, but everything looked great!

The lettuce bed survived nicely! Even the dill was still alive. I was afraid everything would get pounded into the dirt, but it wasn’t too terribly bad! I guess I can go ahead and get the other lettuce bed planted now, eh?

We still have a lot of small limbs to pick up a ton of leaves to rake up or mulch with the mower. That can be done this weekend after all the wind stops blowing. No sense doing it twice.


Our little fish got finished yesterday. It’s so cute! Beanster did a lot of the coloring all by himself. He even spread around a little of the glue to put the glitter on! He had a great time. Now that we’ve done a few project involving glue and markers, he’s beginning to catch on to what we’re doing.

I gave him a letter “F” coloring sheet yesterday and asked him to color the frog green. He already had the crayon in his hand, but he put it on the frog and colored it! Yea! It’s so nice to see him learning. You wonder for a while whether he’s getting it or not, but just because he looks like he’s not paying attention doesn’t mean he’s not. My mom questioned him on some things we’ve been over and when he paid attention to what she was asking, he got them right! Double yea!

I have seriously scaled back the lessons for the week and he seems to pay more attention. He really likes things that stick up off the pages. He loved the puffy baseball stickers (so much that he tore one of them off) and the eyes on the bunny and the caterpillar.

Yesterday we were so bored and had a serious case of cabin fever around 4:30. I got out some wooden circle cut-outs and we colored them with markers. Beanster ended up with more on him than on the piece of wood. It can be a great on-going project. It will be neat to punch a hole in it and hang it up on the Christmas tree for an ornament, I think.

We also watched several, several, several Bill Nye videos on YouTube, as well. There are so many on there that are whole episodes! It’s so cute to hear a little voice say, “Bill!” If I don’t go put one on, I hear, “Bill! Bill! Bill!”


Well, I went on Pinterest for the first time yesterday. That site is the biggest black hole I’ve ever seen in my life! I did find a recipe for non-toxic finger paint. (I can see that being an outdoor project) and some really cute animals made from hand and foot prints. I’m super excited about trying them out! I think bean will have fun doing them, as well. They had their paint in baby food jars. Such a great idea!

I also found some of the cutest Christmas tree ornaments. I can’t wait to start doing some of them. My mom had made some felt ones back in the day and they’ve always brought back good memories for me. I saw some really neat ones on Pinterest and a few other sites the other day like what she had done and I can’t wait to get started on them! I would love to have some on my tree!

I can see myself easily buried in these new projects. No, I don’t have a few others sitting around waiting for me to pick them back up and finish….

Well, I’ll try to have pics up tomorrow of things. Right now I have a sewing machine needle to replace and some unfinished projects to glance at…and maybe finish. *ahem*

Peace and love, everyone!


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