Beanster on the tire swing

You know, there are plenty of reasons to frown nowadays. The economy is bad, politics are worse, the moral climate of our country is sinking even lower, everyone seems to be more desperate and out for themselves…

I could think of many more reasons, but there’s one reason I try not to frown. I know it seems trivial, even simplistic, but it’s true. My one reason is because I have a smile. Call me frugal, but I like to use all my resources. Also, it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. Bill Nye the Science Guy said so! Seriously!

Let’s do a little exercise. It’s easy. Take 5 seconds and SMILE! Even if it’s a goofy smile and you stick your tongue out, you probably can’t help but to laugh. Okay, maybe not everyone will be laughing like a fool, but I bet if you do 3 sets of 10 reps you’ll feel a LOT better! I’m smiling just typing this!


Yesterday as I was driving home with Beanster, he started playing peek-a-boo. Nothing will get that child laughing faster than tickling or peek-a-boo! He loves it! We have a few versions, one of which requires hiding behind furniture and then jumping out to yell, “PEEK – A – BOOOOO!” I think that one is Beanster’s favorite. The more action, the better. Even though it was a tough day (I’ve been worried about TS Isaac, we’ve had our issues and I was in severe pain again) Beanster started playing it and I couldn’t help but to play along! I felt a smile forming on my lips. I saw him in the mirror covering his eyes, then peeking out between his fingers. As the game progressed, our smiles got even bigger and he was laughing so hard! I was soon laughing at him laughing!

A child’s smile and laughter can brighten nearly anyone’s day. Either one of us can have a bad day, but once we start playing with Beanster and he starts to laugh and cackle, we both can’t help but to laugh. Sometimes we can’t even play anymore because we are laughing so hard!

I think the world needs more smiles, more doors held open for those who need help, more blinkers used on cars, and more thank-yous and pleases. It’s not too much to ask. It’s readily available. It doesn’t cost a dime, not even a penny! All it takes is a couple of seconds. In our high-speed world, I realize that’s a lot of time, but sometimes we all just need to slow down and notice the other people in our world around us. No, everyone is not going to smile back. You won’t always get a “thank you” for holding the door. And usually, those in a hurry won’t even see your blinker on to change lanes, trust me on this one. But these things are still worth doing.

So, as you go out today (for those who aren’t affected by TS Isaac), try to conserve energy and wear a smile instead of a frown. It’s good for the planet!

Peace and love, everybody.

Beanster at just a couple of months old.


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