I stayed home for this?

Wow. Isaac, so far today, has been almost a non-issue for our part of the Gulf Coast. I pray it doesn’t form into a hurricane later, but we’ll see what it does. They’ve been saying it would for days now and it still hasn’t. I just worry because it has slowed down so much. That means LOTS of rain. Both the hubby and I are home today.


Well, since we had so much time on our hands today, I decided that we were really going to delve into our lesson for this week. It’s “F”, “6”, “Purple”, and “Heart”. We got through the letter section, but when I get to numbers, someone really starts to lose interest. I have a poster (that I just taped back into one piece from 4….) that counts up to 20 and each number has a different object in the square. Well, the number 6 has stars. He knows what a star is, so he was excited about that.

Our craft this week is a fish that is puffy and hangs from the ceiling. The first session of this long-term craft was to color it, put eyes on it, fins, and lots of GLITTER! We officially have a homeschool room! There is copper-colored glitter all over me, Beanster, the desk, the floor…

I think someone needs a nap while it all dries. Oh, and Beanster needs one, too. All this wind and rain is making me sleepy!

(an hour later….)
So, after downloading some free Kindle children’s books, and the Beanster getting ahold of his “op” (apps on the phone), I am giving up on a nap for right now. It’s clouding up again, our bellies are full from snack time, and I really need that nap. It’s so funny that when he’s at daycare, or with his GG, he can nap on command! Not at home…or, at least, not around me! *sigh* And advice? I can’t just put him in the crib anymore. We took down one side and turned it into a daybed. (Getting a 4-stage bed was the best thing we did!)

So, as I sit here watching the Weather Channel, and Angry Birds is playing in the background now, I have decided to continue working on next week’s curriculum and finish that Purple Heart picture I’ve been trying to find. I guess I will have to draw one. Another search for a coloring page turned futile…

(another hour later….)
Well, we finally got a nap and as I woke up I saw that the Weather Channel is just down the road from us. At least it’s not Jim Cantore on our doorstep! Isaac finally turned into a hurricane. The wind is picking up and the trees are starting to blow around some more. I guess we’ll go find some food to eat in case the power goes out. Maybe our fish are close to dry and we can work on them some more!

Have a great afternoon everyone! For those around the coast, here it comes!

Peace and love!


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